03 December 2011

Christmas Tradition: Christmas Book Countdown

Now that the boys are getting older, we have begun to implement a few new Christmas family traditions we hope to continue for many years.  One of our first traditions that we began this year is our a Christmas Book Countdown to Christmas.

It's hard to reassure an excited 4 year old that Santa is coming soon...but not tonight...or the next night or the next night or the next.  However, beginning this year, we borrowed a great tradition from my favorite children's illustrator Sarah Jane Wright.  For 25 days in December, there is a wrapped gift under the tree, each with a number corresponding with the day it should be open.

Every morning, Oliver and Bennett run to the tree to find the day's number.  They unwrap each gift to discover a new (or old) Christmas book inside.

We started collecting Christmas books several years ago buying a few each year.  We now have 25 of them (four of them are recordable books from the books grandparents and great grandmother).  We love  watching the boys get super excited about a book.  And it is so much fun each day to read as a family a book about the season we are celebrating.  While the boys are enjoying books about Santa, Rudolph, the Polar Express, they are also enjoying just as many books about Jesus' birth and the real reason for this Advent season.  Books tell stories and it's nice to be able to tell the story of Christmas to the boys in the most age-appropriate way!

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  1. We do this, too. I love it. Daniel loves it. Elsa will love it one day, I hope!


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