21 November 2011

Messy Eater

These pictures of Bennett eating are always so fun to take since his eating is still amazing to me!  Bennett is a ridiculous mess in these pictures and at practically every meal.

Sometimes, my desire for a clean baby and a clean floor make me hesitant to want to give Bennett shredded cheese and chocolate ice cream, two of his favorite foods.  But, I realize that in order to love food, Bennett needs lots of experience with it.  And, Bennett will never be able to learn to eat properly if he doesn't have a chance to practice.

It has been really wonderful watching Bennett enjoy meal times.  We still allow the DVD player when he requests it but he rarely asks for a toy at a meal.  We are no longer focused on a timer but do try to keep him at the table for 20 minutes.  The way we keep him focused on eating is by eating along with him, an effort to show him that eating is a communal act.

Bennett continues to try new foods and enjoy new textures.  His feeding therapist is working with him to chew on both sides of his mouth (he prefers the right side).  But it is obvious that his interest in food is happening on its own now, less driven by us.

The one thing we are still trying to get used to is feeding Bennett fattening foods.  Since his Cystic Fibrosis requires him to need a high-caloric high-fat diet, the types of foods we have to feed Bennett are things like chocolate donuts, chicken nuggets, high fat yogurt, hot dogs (no nitrates), pasta/mac and cheese, chips and ice cream.  

Sometimes I get confused and give him lean turkey, fruit or fat-free foods but I have to remember that while those foods are good and he needs experience eating them, ultimately, what is most important for Bennett is getting in enough calories in the day.  Fortunately, Bennett gets enough protein and vitamins through his formula so what he needs is the fat and calories to keep his body healthy.  It's so backwards and weird to remember as a mother!  

My sister reminded me this weekend that Bennett is on an anti-diet.  So as not to get confused, I'm trying to stay away from all of the foods he is eating and giving him all of the foods I'm trying not to eat!  But keeping chocolate donuts and Haagen Dazs ice cream in the freezer is hard!!  Nonetheless, whatever we are doing seems to be working (even if half it falls on the floor)!


  1. I love his arm over the chair in the second pic. It's just like, yeah, I got this, Mom. Too cute!


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