16 November 2011

Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis Appointment

We just had our quarterly CF appointment. We traveled up to Dallas Children's Medical Center to see our team.  Every three months we go to check Bennett's overall health, especially his lungs and growth.

Bennett loves firetrucks.  So, he was thrilled when I purchased him some fireman boots from Target and found in the closet a dress up fireman hat that someone had given the boys a while ago.  Ever since he found this outfit, he has insisted on wearing his books and hat everywhere, including his CF appointment.

The only way Bennett likes to wear his fireman hat is, of course, backwards.  He also has a little fireman doll he loves who's name is "Guy Hat" (which translated means "The guy with a hat").

Bennett and I both enjoy special time together at Children's.

When we first get to our appointment, the staff asks Bennett to wear a temporary medical bracelet.  Bennett isn't a fan of it.  So, I asked if "Guy Hat" could have one too.

Of course, lots of candy seems to positively affect Bennett's willingness to do things he doesn't normally like to do.  (Thank goodness Bennett is now into food, especially candy!  It's amazing how wonderful it is to motivate him using candy!)

Bennett's appointment went well.  His lungs were very clear and sounded great.  He has still had no serious lung infections, which is wonderful.  The staff gave him a throat culture (which includes putting a very long q-tip down the back of his throat) to find out if he has any nasty infections lurking in his lungs that we don't know about.  We will know the results later this week.

The only concern that came up during our meeting with the doctor is Bennett's weight.  Bennett has not gained weight since August.  He was at the 50th percentile and is now around the 25th percentile.  The doctor said we have room to be patient since we are transitioning Bennett off of the g-tube.  But, we will be more concerned if his weight doesn't increase here soon.  We shall see!

Bennett received this neat little bag-that-turns-into-a-toy thing for his birthday.  As soon as I saw him open it, I knew it would be a great gift to save for special days in the hospital like this!  Novel toys are wonderful for CF appointments because the appointments usually take 3-4 hours.

Thankfully, our CF appointment went well.  We love our team at Children's and are so thankful for appointments that leave us with a good bill of health!  (By the way, one of our fun surprises of the day was learning my CF Momma Blog Buddy Lydia and her son Azer (with CF) and daughter Reema (no CF) were in the exam room right next to us during our appointment, which was wild!  It was funny because the only way we knew we were so close was via my status update on Facebook.  HIPPA prevented the medical staff (who know we are friends) from telling us we were so close to each other.  So, I am glad for Facebook and glad we got to meet each other's children for the first time!)

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