05 November 2011

Bennett and Oliver's Birthday Party

Last week, we held the boys' joint birthday party. Bennett turned 2 in September and Oliver turned 4 this week.  The boys had a wonderfully sweet birthday that was filled with their favorite toys: cars!!

We had some yummy snacks and candy on hand.

Cheese squares.

Blue kool-aid.

Spare Tires: Chocolate Donuts, Oliver's favorite

Dipsticks: Chocolate Pretzels with Sprinkles

Delicious cookies by our friend Margaret

We couldn't find a car cookie cutter until the last minute so we went with O and B cookies.  Oliver went crazy over cookies with his and Bennett's first name beginning letters.

Trophies for the fastest cars at the party.

The birthday cake, made by our friend Joy!

The boys *loved* having a cake with cars on it!

For the birthday game, we played "Red Light, Green Light."

"Run!  Run!"

Parker runs for his trophy, as fast as his little one year old legs will go.

Each year, we celebrate the boys birthday with a Montessori birthday celebration.  This celebration includes each child walking around a candle (the sun) while holding a plastic globe (the earth).  During their turn, each child walks around the sun as many times as years old they are.  This is done while all of the birthday guests sing a song and during which Momma or Daddy tell the story of their birth and growth.  The kids love it.  We hope it will better teach them the concept of a birthday and will continue to be a family tradition.

Bennett blows out his candles.

Oliver blows out his candles.

The boys favorite part of the cake?  The edible fondant cars!

Opening presents with friends.

Sweet friends.

Bennett checks out his new gift.

Party favors for the party guests.

Snickers mix for the adults: Candy Corns, M&Ms and Peanuts

Happy Birthday Big Boys!!


  1. Yeah! Awesome party, Breck! Love all the details! That picture of the boys eating the fondant cars - ha!!

  2. This is the cutest post ever! I love it and I love all of the details. You could be a professional party planner! :)

  3. You are so creative!! I loved all the details of your party. I agree with Cara, you should be a party planner! It looked fabulous. (Now, I see why they asked you to help with the CF planning =0, I am glad.)

    Have a blessed day, my friend.

  4. I love it! The spare tires cracked me up! Fabulous.


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