29 October 2011

Texas State Fair 2011

 You can't live in Texas and not attend the Texas State Fair, the largest state fair in the United States.  So, this year Brian and I decided to go as a family!

One of the most fun parts of our trip for the boys was riding the DART train to the fair.  Both boys loved riding a train!!

You can't go to the Texas State Fair without getting a family picture next to "Big Tex," the 52 foot tall icon of the Texas State Fair that has been there since 1952.

The boys favorite part of the fair was the petting zoo (which turned out not to be a "petting" zoo at all by the kids still had fun).

Oliver feeds a camel while Bennett looks on.

 I finally figured out the reason why there were all these signs that said, "Do Not Feed Animals Using Paper Cups."

 Yeah, stupid goat got it and wouldn't let go.

And it was gone like that!  Oliver was SO upset!!  I had to reassure it him it was funny...but explained this is why Mommy should obey the rules!!

Feeding the cow.

These piggies helped us teach the boys about how baby animals get fed.  Thankfully neither child connected that to human mommas.  I wasn't prepared for that conversation.

Oliver particularly enjoyed the fair so much this year.  He was hot so he wanted ice cream.

Everything at the Texas State Fair is fried.  So, of course, so was the ice cream!

 My special treat was enjoying some fried Oreos!! they were SOOOO good!  Wow!  Think Oreo funnel - that's what they tasted like!!

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Texas State Fair doesn't have many any rides for little kids.  We didn't realize this but decided not to let the boys return home without some traditional fair fun.  So, we gave Oliver a chance to play the pop-the-balloon-with-a-dart-game.

Our smart boy ended up popping a balloon twice so he got a stuffed animal of his choice.

He was sweet to give Bennett one of those toys.  Bennett ended up using it as a pillow during nap time.  All of the fun at the fair pooped him out.

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  1. Breck,

    That brought back such memories for me. I lived in Dallas until I was 10 and going to the Texas State Fair was so much fun. When I was a girl scout we learned to ice skate there on the fair grounds somewhere. Aww to be that age again. haha Oliver and Bennett are getting so big and Oliver is looking like such a big boy. Love you, girl.

    Ms. Savage


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