06 October 2011


Bennett has quite the personality these days.  He, every bit, plays the role of the baby in our family.  He is funny and loves to entertain.

One of my favorite things about Bennett right now is his genuine love for pretending.  Bennett enthralls himself with his pretend play.  Thankfully, today, Bennett let me photograph his feeding "Dog" some enzymes.  I loved when he kept licking his lips and saying "nom-nom-nom" as though the dog was actually licking the spoon.

Man alive, I love seeing this boy grow up!  He is just the joy of our life!

Dog, take your bites!


Dog waits patiently to be fed.

Good eating, Dog!  (Bennett *loves* kissing.  At any point during the day, he will lean in and kiss my leg or hand.  He also loves patting others as a way to say, "I love you."  Dog was no exception today.)


  1. Wow, I was getting caught up on your blog. I didn't realize Azer's and Bennett's birthdays were so close! He's such a big boy! What sweet spirits both of the boys have! I pray for many, many more wonderful years with those two young men. You both are such amazing, strong, parents. May God bless you and keep you. :)


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