06 October 2011

No C.Diff?

We heard back on the C.Diff test on Monday. Negative.

It's pretty funny when you feel frustrated to get a negative C.Diff test.  Who wants a positive one?  I guess someone who wants to have answers as to why their child isn't eating, why their child is vomiting and why their child's poop isn't right.

There are a couple of other reasons why Bennett would be struggling with GI symptoms but the C.Diff issue is obviously our first thought because he has struggled so much with this infection.  The reality is it could have been a virus (very common in kids).  It also could be a malnutrition issue, in other words we may have failed to give him the proper amount of enzymes for the food he was ingesting.  Or, this could have been something totally different.

After having to stop Bennett's feeds all weekend (no tube feeding at all; just pure pedialyte all weekend), I was desperate Monday to get the C.Diff test back and get his antibiotic again.  So, it was no surprise that when the C.Diff test came back negative (and therefore no need for antibiotics), I was really concerned.

The GI doctor suggested that we give him Bentyl (or Dicyclomine) to help with stomach cramps.  And, he suggested, that I bring Bennett in to see him this week.

So far things have been going wonderfully since we started his feeds back on Monday.  Bennett's hunger has returned.  We haven't seen any signs of vomiting or stomach cramping.  We are giving the Bentyl but wonder if it's even ncessary.

Maybe all Bennett had was a little stomach virus.  CF kids get normal stuff too.  But it's so very hard to differentiate between normal and not normal.  It's hard to take him off his feeds completely, even when he's hurting, because he so desperately needs to gain weight consistently.  And it's very hard to know if his refusals to eat are due to lack of hunger, nausea, oral aversion or behavior.

I'm thankful for the confidence I have in our GI doctor and the patience he has with us to figure this out.  I feel nothing but supported by him, which is a tremendous feeling since not all of our doctors have been this supportive of me as a mother and my intuition.

Usually, I am right.  Usually it's C.Diff.  But this time, it wasn't....which I am glad.  Thankfully we will meet with GI today and see if he can't help us figure out where to go from here.  I really despise Cystic Fibrosis' GI issues.  Eating and poop issues are no fun for this momma.

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  1. Hang in there. I can not start to tell you the amount of times that we took stool samples to be tested only to find out there was nothing cultured. So frustrating and yet thankful at the same time. We are praying for Bennett today (and you). Hoping that it was "just" a virus.

    You are so right that it is sometimes really hard to tease out what is CF and what is just normal kid stuff. We are praying that Bennett gains a greater sense of love for food and that somehow eating becomes a much smaller issue for you all soon. There are times that eating makes us crazy!!! The times that it is easier...we definitely count as a HUGE blessing. Praying the Lord blesses you all this week with a break from "food issues".

    Take care-Tiffany


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