09 October 2011


The other day, Oliver had his first "picture day" at school.  I asked him to "show Daddy" how he smiled for the camera.  Oliver flashed me a sweet smile.  Then, I looked over to see Bennett was showing me his sweet smile:

This sweet smile had me cracking up last night as I tried to take pictures of Oliver and his first real block masterpiece.  Each time I snapped a photo, I found Bennett's big head right in the lens of my camera....  (Did I mention Bennett is an entertainer??)

Say "cheese"!

"Ok, get out of the way, Bennett."

"Bennett, move, baby."

"Honey, this is Oliver's turn..."

"Ok, silly boy, I'll take a picture of you!" 

"Alright, Oliver, perfect picture!"

So, on to Oliver's masterpiece....his first creative block structure he built all by himself...

...most impressive because he had apparently modeled it from memory to look like the Empire State Building.

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  1. Haha!!! What a funny post! Love those cheesy smiles...and I'm completely impressed with the Empire State Building! That's awesome!!



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