02 October 2011

Bennett's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Bennett's birthday Friday at home after dinner with just the four of us.  We are going to have a big celebration later in October when the boys have a joint birthday party (since Oliver turns 4 at the beginning of November).

Daddy lights his candle.  (Bennett is very sensitive.  So, he started to cry when I told him to be very careful and not knock over the cake or touch the fire.  Poor little guy falls apart at any stern word spoken to him.   He has such a sweet spirit.)

Blowing out his candle.

Our two year old!!  So big!

Unfortunately, Bennett's C.Diff is back (yes, just four days after we thought it was gone).  This is very well why he is not eating as much as he used to.  But it was definitely why he didn't want even a bite of his cake.

That's ok, the rest of us enjoyed the heck out of the cake. Hopefully we can get this C.Diff taken care of before his big birthday party in a few weeks so he can enjoy his cake and eat it too!

Happy Birthday, Bennett Brinson Gamel!!

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