20 September 2011

Portrait Previews

Yesterday, Khimberly at Snaptastic Shots took portraits for Bennett's upcoming second birthday. 

Khimberly is a talented photographer who I reached out to this Spring shortly before this year's Waco Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk. It was then that I learned that Khimberly has a personal connection to Cystic Fibrosis.  Knowing both of our families have suffered from the pain of this disease, Khimberly and I both immediately felt a special bond that will last a lifetime...which is one of many reasons why her taking Bennett's portraits mean so much to me. 

Bennett LOVES firetrucks, which was why I was more than delighted when Khimberly suggested that we take portraits of Bennett in front of a!!!  Both boys were ecstatic!

Khimberly was so patient with me during our photoshoot and reassured me several times that she wanted to help make the session low stress.  I was especially thankful for this as I wanted to make sure Bennett got his feeding and medications on time, which is hard to do when we add something new to our schedule.  Her laid back personality and attention to detail gave me such confidence that I could focus on Bennett's needs first.  So, as beautiful as these pictures came out, I can't say enough about the photographer who took them!!!

I love this picture as it captures what I witness on a daily basis.  Oliver and Bennett both have incredibly gentle personalities and truly love each other.  They rarely fight and love to play.  I am so glad that Bennett has Oliver.  And I am equally thankful that that Oliver has Bennett.  Bennett draws Oliver out in both disagreements and play.  And Oliver teaches Bennett how to be a peacemaker.  I'm so glad they are brothers.

These are just three of the pictures Khimberly took.  I can't even wait to get the rest!!!  Thank you, Khimberly, for documenting my sweet boys. 


  1. I absolutely love the balloon picture!

  2. Those are some AMAZING pictures! Bennett's smile completely lights up my screen! Put that one in a big pretty frame, please!! :)


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