30 September 2011

Mama's Thoughts: Bennett Turns Two!!

It's hard to believe our baby is two years old today!  What a wild two year ride it has been!  (No need to rehash the last two years in this blog post when I have 789 blog posts all about it! Ha!)  

I was asked by one of his therapists yesterday if today would be a sad day for me, knowing my little boy is no longer a baby.  But my response surprised me.  No, I replied.  Bennett turning two is a very happy thing.  We didn't know if we would get here.  We've worked incredibly hard for him to be here.  Reaching his second birthday so happy and healthy is quite an accomplishment.  Today is not filled with sadness, it's filled such much happiness.  In fact, when I think of Bennett as a baby, I can't help but think of him as a very very sick child.  So, Bennett's birthday symbolizes much triumph and hard work.  It celebrates a little boy who is thriving.

I have been thinking alot about Bennett these last few days, particularly how much he has changed.

Three separate very-Bennett-like situations happened last night that I wanted to make sure I document about his last day of being 1 year old...

First, I couldn't help but laugh last night when Bennett started throwing a full on tantrum because I told him we couldn't do his Chest Therapy Vest Treatment until later this evening.  Bennett, fully aware the only time he gets to watch TV is during his treatment, came to me and asked if he could do his Vest treatment.  He started pulling out the tubes so I knew what he wanted.  I wasn't quite ready to give his treatments my attention since I was cooking so I told him we could do it later.  He immediately hit the floor and began to wail.  Oh, that face!  Distraught over not being able to do his treatment!  How can a mother resist when a child wants to do his treatments??  (For the record, I gave in.)  That's our Bennett: wanting to comply even when it means getting treatments.

Second, I was playing a game with the boys last night: The Clothes Monster.  Sometimes, before bath time, I play like I am the Clothes Monster looking to "eat" the clothes off the backs of unsuspecting little boys.  I had fully stripped Oliver but was in the process of trying to take Bennett's clothes off before I noticed Bennett holding a g-tube in his hands.  I thought to myself "weird, how did he find one of those?" before I noticed a cavity in his stomach missing its g-tube.  I about freaked out but calmly called Brian over to help.  Bennett, knowing his g-tube had come out, didn't seem the least bit concerned.  He just lied down and let Brian place it right back in with not even a squirm.  That's our Bennett: strong and not the least bit phased.

Third, last night as Brian got Bennett's nightly g-tube feedings ready, I was in Oliver's room on his bed reading books.  Bennett was waiting for Brian to read books to him in his room (the boys have separate rooms) so he found some interesting toys to play with near Oliver's bed in the meantime.  I was trying to read a book to Oliver about tornadoes when, in the corner of my eye, I catch Bennett running around in circles with both his little pointer fingers in the air moving up and down as he danced to the music of the toy.  Oliver and I couldn't help but stop reading and just laugh.  That's our Bennett: happy to make others laugh.

Bennett, your resilient determination, easy-going personality and joyful spirit brings happiness to nearly everyone you meet.  I am so proud to be your mother and extremely thankful for all of the gifts God has given to me through you.

You are truly, Bennett, a blessed little one.   Happy 2nd Birthday little guy!



  1. Happy Birthday, Bennett! I am so proud of you and think you are truly one of the cutest little boys I know! Your smile is just amazing! Tell your momma I'm loving all these old pictures of are a precious, precious boy! Can't wait to see how you continue to grow and develop and brighten people's day! Love yall!!


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