06 September 2011

Backyard Swimming

It's taken all summer but I finally broke down and bought one of those cheap plastic pools for the boys to play in in the backyard... right before the scorching heat began to wane. 

I hestitated to buy a pool earlier in the summer because our backyard doesn't have any shade for the boys and because plastic pools often kill the grass and easily become a haven for area bugs looking for water.  But I couldn't resist Oliver's ever-so-sweet and polite request to buy one that was recently on sale (besides, the Texas heat has already fried our grass so that's one less thing to worry about).

Unfortunately, I didn't realize when I bought this cheap plastic pool, what I saved in price, I lost in functionality.  The pool I bought was one of those flimsy ones that has to be on a flat surface, otherwise it doesn't stand up.   Our yard is ever so slightly on an incline so the pool barely held up enough to hold the water.  Thankfully, the boys didn't seem to mind.  Brian placed the pool as close to the house as possible to give the boys some shade from the sun.

Bennett *loves* swimming!  He loves the bathtub and the pool - anything where he gets to pretend he's a fish!

Our "thinker" eldest child most enjoyed playing in the water by watching it flow off the side of the pool.  Glad to know my lack of reading the back of the box before my final purchase decision provided him a science experiment!

Seeing Oliver and Bennett enjoy the water in the sun melted my heart.  I don't really know why I cared about grass, shade, or bugs.  Seeing the kids play in the water in the backyard made this flimsy plastic pool a pretty good decision after all!

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