07 August 2011

Same-oh, Same-oh

Things are going well over here! We are SOOOO ready to get outside, especially in light of school beginning within a few weeks. The boys haven't been to the park in two months. All of our plants are dying. It's just miserable to walk from the parking lot to the store. I'm hoping we'll see some temps below 100 before Christmas.

Nonetheless, we're keeping with our relatively tight schedule of feedings and therapy activities. At times, our tight schedule feels calming. Other times, it feels suffocating. We sorta waffle between the two on any given day. But, most importantly, it works. We all get what we need on a daily basis and that's most important...even if it doesn't leave us much room for spontaneity.

Bennett continues to do well with his feedings.  We have had a few blips here and there.  But, after talking with the experts at Our Children's House at Baylor, we have realized that we cannot force Bennett to go too fast on moving through his progression towards independent eating of solid foods.  Instead, we have to look for the "just right" challenge...enough progress to move but not too much to overwhelm him.  It seems we take two steps forward and then one back.  So, we are progressing but it is terribly slow. 

I've not been very happy with our Occupational Therapist.  She's very sweet and very good...but she doesn't value or respect my opinion much at all.  It is clear, despite my greatest effort, that she wants me to play the "mindless-parent" role, not the "collaborative parent" role.  I feel like I am working against her rather than with her much of the time.  That frustration is needless.  I just need to change therapists until we find a better match for our needs.  Nonetheless, I'm dreading having to change therapists.  I hate the potential of hurting feelings.

Tornadoes are still is the number one topic in our house.  Oliver is constantly talking about it, discussing F1s and F5s, waterspouts and rope tornadoes...(he even opened the blinds first thing this morning asking me if maybe there was a tornado outside...sorry buddy, only dry 100+ degree weather like the last 32 days in a row).  Bennett loves tornadoes, apparently, too.  We hear him making wind noises and rotating his pointer finger around and around.  He is quick to do what brother does!  And yes, sometimes their tornadoes fight each other.  Thankfully, Oliver is thoughtful enough to reassure us no one gets hurt during these tornadoes/tornado fights (everybody is in the bathroom, he says).

We go for our quarterly CF appointment soon.  I'm sorta dreading it.  These are the appointments when everything can change.  But I have no reason to worry just yet.  The throat culture hasn't even been done and I'm already on pins and needles about the results.  Patience, Breck, patience.

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