17 August 2011

The Return of C.Diff? And off to Houston...

C. Diff. might be back again. ::Sigh:: We had a good run with no issues but I'm afraid Bennett may never really be able to get rid of this infection for good. Nonetheless, once we get back the final test results, Bennett will be put on antibiotics for a while and should be cleared within a few days.

I leave at 5AM this morning to drive 3 hours to MD Anderson in Houston to be with Dana during her husband's brain surgery.  It will be an open brain surgery and they hope to remove as much of the tumor as possible.  This evening, our prayer is that David's surgery will go well and Dana will not be in fear.

I pray that I can be present with Dana during the surgery, to keep her mind off of the things she cannot control and to help her process her thoughts through it.  I also hope to just be with her, without the need to talk or have the "right" words.  I remember our friend Josh and Lindsay were amazing when they came to keep us company during Bennett's reanastomosis.  There were times when I wanted to laugh and other times I wanted to sit silently.  I appreciated the way they gave me the space to do both.

It's always scary to have surgery on the brain, particularly when the tumor is near such an important part of the brain (the corpus collosum).  So, we will all breathe a sigh of relief when we hear David's tumor was removed and he is doing well.  Thank you to all who have prayed with me.  The family will continue to update how he is doing here:

On a side note, here are a few Cystic Fibrosis links I wanted to share...
I.want.this.  For CF Mommas like me, this is sooo cool?:

A story about Josh, a guy with CF who makes puppet videos for kids with CF.  My little boys are still a little young to understand what is going on but they enjoy watching them anyway...and I know they will be wonderful for teaching about CF as Bennett gets older:


  1. So sorry to hear about the C Diff. I think it is wonderful you are going to be with Dana during David's surgery. Prayers of blessings and peace for everyone...

  2. Thinking of your friends....and thanks for sharing the story about the dad...I need that!


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