16 August 2011

Prepare For School Week

This is our dress rehearsal.  Regular weekly appointments set.  Schedules made.  Clothes picked out the day before.  The alarm set for early in the morning.  And bedtimes have been moved earlier than normal.  This is our "test" week before school starts... for Brian and school for Oliver.

Brian is the main one we're concerned about.  This summer spoiled us.  Brian was incredibly flexible all summer to help when needed.  But once school begins, he will become extremely busy and unable to help us very much.  In addition to his normal course work, he will be teaching a freshman religion class this fall and studying for Prelims.

Oliver's school starts this week too.  It will be his first time to preschool.  We are very excited for him.  I think he will do wonderfully.  He is at the age where he wants to be stimulated constantly and loves to learn.  He is great playing on his own.  But the amount of time Bennett requires throughout the day often leave Oliver bored and left with little stimulating to do.  Bennett's care (feedings and treatments) keep us at home.  But Oliver, almost 4, needs to be out doing things, exploring his world.

So, I have been intentional both about getting Oliver out more, while also looking for ways others can do this for me, such as through school or through Oliver's buddy.

Bennett will begin to have his own routine once school begins, as well.  I will be home more to play with him and give him more attention.  Brian recently said a very true statement: Bennett gets all of our time but none of our attention.  This is because Oliver requires so much attention and Bennett requires so much time.

I'm excited to begin to see things balance out better.  Bennett needs more attention.  And Oliver needs more attention outside of Mom and Dad.  So, we are hopeful this - Oliver going to school - is a good decision (despite that it may put Bennett at risk for more lung infections this winter).  Both boys are becoming more independent so this is likely a great change for them both.

Here are a few pictures from this past week:

Last week, Mumsy and Pops (my parents) were in town for a few days.  Mumsy and I took the boys to Sam's in order to get them out of the house.  As a treat, I promised Oliver an Icee.  Of course, Bennett wanted some too so I split it for them.  Bennett is doing wonderfully with a straw these days!

A treat for being so good!

Notice Oliver won't put his Icee down, even for a picture.  Bennett takes a few minutes break to revel in his high seat at the table.  He climbed up there on his own.  He is quite adept these days.

Still drinking...

Look at me, Mom!  I'm a big boy!

Two out of three smiles ain't bad.  This is every bit Bennett.  He has a fabulous sense of humor -- keeps Oliver in stitches - and loves to smile.  He rarely cries and overall has a very easy going demeanor.

Smiling with Mumsy at Sam's Club.

This week, during a no-children outing with my mom and sister, I complained of my purse being too heavy.  I started pulling out items that I didn't need and handing them to my sister, Brooklyn.  I felt a bit like Mary Poppins pulling out car after car after car.

I've been carrying around the normal wallet, cellphone, last 5 receipts, lipgloss, small container of enzymes and mini bottle of hand well as two pacifiers and 7 toy cars .  I think "being prepared" may have gone too far!

Here's to the calm before the storm,

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  1. That picture of the three of you is hilarious--Oliver's face just cracks me up. Oh, and I can't believe how chubby Bennett's cheeks are! Miss you loads...


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