25 August 2011

Parenting Fail

{Edit:  David's pathology report came back today with some good news!  Read more here:  Here is a beautiful slideshow of pictures ( by my friend Brittney who took these pictures for Dana and her family for free, a way to help them cherish their life as it is now.  The pictures are awesome and the video Brittney made with them are moving.:::}

I'm so tired tonight.  Now that I'm on Oliver's new school schedule, I'm finding myself wanting to go to sleep at 10pm.  And between Oliver finally falling asleep at 9pm (his bedtime is 8pm) and my getting tired at 10pm, I'm left with only an hour to do everything I need to do to prepare for the next day.

So, I didn't have time to upload the pictures I took today of Bennett at his first full-fledged CF Check Up at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.  Our appointment went wonderfully.  We came home with three new prescriptions (oh boy!).  But Bennett was given a bill of good health overall!

I had a parenting fail today.  After our almost 4 hour CF doctor appointment this afternoon, I received a call from our babysitter asking where I had placed our extra carseat.  The babysitter had come to the house to pick up the seat so she could use it to pick Oliver up from school (since Brian was at school and I was out of town). 

It turns out, the extra carseat was in the back of our car, along with both of the boys regular carseats.  And our car was in Dallas with me.  Yep, I ended up taking three carseats with me Dallas and only one child.  I frantically called friends who might have been able to loan our babysitter their carseat.  After several calls, I found a friend who graciously offered to help. 

Thankfully, Oliver's school just sent him along to their after school program, which made him feel like he had simply had an extended school day.  Eventually, he was picked up from school, just shy of an hour late.  I was so sick about it.  What a silly thing for me to do!  But Brian encouraged me not to beat myself up about it as it's only the first week of school, we are still getting used to our schedule and figuring out all of the logistics.  Nonetheless, I'm so glad Oliver is in PreK and has no idea his Momma left him at school for an hour!

On that note, I said a prayer of thanks when I left Oliver at school today.  I am so glad we made the decision to put him in to school.  I'm sad in some ways, mostly because I would have preferred to keep him at home for as long as possible.  But I am so happy in other ways, mainly that he attends school while I am attending to Bennett.  I was so glad to know that today, he would be having fun and completely unaware that his little brother was being carted off to the doctor to have xrays, throat cultures and bloodwork completed.  It made my heart happy to know that Oliver was well cared for today, while I made sure Bennett was also well cared for. 

Three year old Pre-School wasn't in my "perfect parenting" plan at the beginning of my parenting journey.  But it's turned out to be exactly what we needed.  Thanks be to God!

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