31 August 2011

Oliver down.

Well, on the fourth day of school, I had to take Oliver out today and tomorrow due to sickness.

Oliver seems to have an upper respiratory infection. It may be something he picked up from school. I'm hoping Bennett doesn't get it.

We may be already experiencing the affects of school.   Oliver hasn't been this sick since he was an infant (which isn't that sick at all, just fever and a cough).
Bennett getting sick and staying sick all winter is my biggest fear of school.  But there isn't much we can do.  Kids, even those with CF, do need to experience the normal cold and flu bugs.  But its' not much fun (not for any parent).

We received a call from Bennett's Dietitian at the CF Center Friday.  She said Bennett's vitamin levels are looking good.  So, for now, we will stay at our same dose of AQUADeks vitamins and Di-Vi-Sol.  We are still waiting to hear back on his throat culture results.

I spoke with Bennett's Our Children's House at Baylor Speech Therapist last week.  We have decided to make a change with Bennett's feedings.  We are now doing 1:1 reinforcement, which means for every bite Bennett takes, he gets a reinforcement.  Eventually, we are going to start going to 2:1 reinforcement (two bites=reinforcement), then 3:1 (three bites=reinforcement),  4:1 (four bites=reinforcement), etc.   The goal is to eventually get Bennett weaned off the reinforcements completely.

Bennett is doing fabulous with his eating!  He is drinking so much and taking his food so well!  This change of reinforcement is our way of beginning the wean.  We could still be a year away from fully weaning him.  But we have alot of hope this could go more quickly!  We are also beginning to incorporate new foods in his diet.  We found Cheetos have 5 calories per gram.  This is versus Macaroni and Cheese with has 1 calorie per gram.  So, this baby is about have Cheetos on his daily menu!  We need to fatten this boy up some more!

C.Diff. is under control.  Feedings are going well.  Bennett is healthy.  We can't ask for much better than that!! 

"Taste and see that the Lord is good."  Psalm 34:8

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