19 August 2011

It's back.

{:::EDIT::: David's tumor has been removed, all 99%.  He is up walking and talking within 24 hours of brain surgery.  Pathology report will be back on Monday.  Praying for good news!!!}

C.Diff. is back.  Yucky.  It's painful and yucky.  And it is back again.  Thankfully Brian and I are on it like white on rice.  I'm particularly good at recognizing the symptoms at this point.  I was calling asking for meds from our GI doc before the results were in.  I just couldn't fathom Bennett having to go through the weekend without some relief.  Thankfully, this afternoon at 2pm, with some persistence from me, the nurse called with results.  Within minutes, we had medicine in the works (the medicine must be picked up from a special compound pharmacy) which was picked up just as the pharmacy doors were closing.  Whew!

We aren't too worried.  The Vancomycin should take care of it.  But it is frustrating to see it return.  This is likely just going to be what we must face from time to time.  We pray the C.Diff. never becomes resistant to the Vanco.  

We are so thankful for medicine that gives Bennett relief and will allow him to eat again without vomiting.  While annoying, C.Diff. is able to be controlled, which is wonderful.   We will continue to strive for that!

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