27 August 2011

Bennett's CF Appointment

Yesterday's Quarterly CF Appointment went really well! This was our first big appointment at Children's Medical Center in Dallas and our new CF Team.  We were very impressed with their care and very happy we made the change.

Our appointment included alot of waiting.  But it turned out to be well worth it.  Bennett found ways to entertain himself to kill the time.

I had forgotten Bennett's lovie (Douglas) until we were well on the way towards Dallas.  So, I decided to buy him a new stuffed animal when we made it to the hospital for his visit.  I'm so glad I did.  "Tiptop", Bennett's giraffe turned out to be exactly what both he and I needed.

Bennett loves stuffed animals!

Bennett had a very hard time with requests for him to lie still for an x-ray.  So, I asked to borrow Tiptop and let him get an x-ray.

It worked beautifully!  Bennett is at a perfect age for this type of modeling.  As long as he saw his giraffe do it, he did it.

Bennett is given a chest x-ray once per year to monitor his lungs and any infections. 

It turns out, Bennett's chest xray looked great! 

Bennett had labs drawn during this visit, which is always no fun.  The CF doctors always request ALOT of blood for this blood work.  Bennett was beyond not happy because of it.  However, this is a picture of his pulse oximeter.  A "pulse ox" tells how much oxygen Bennett has in his blood.  This is a sign of how his lungs are doing.  We received a great reading of 99%!

Bennett's appointment consists of meeting with the entire team while we are there: the doctor, the social worker, Child Life, the child psychologist, the respiratory therapist, the dietician and the GI doctor.  Bennett found himself a nice little seat on the step at the end of the exam table.

This isn't that great of a picture but it does show one of my favorite things about this room, the ability to show parents the computer screen.  I love that the doctor instantly has access to the computer and to Bennett's chart online.  The TV screen allows me to also view his records.  This allows for more collaborative work between the patient and doctor.  I love it!

Bennett had lots of cars to entertain him at the appointment.  And of course, his paci.  (Bennett is almost two, so we are slowly trying to get rid of the pacifier.  But doctors appointments, treatments and bedtime are the times we still let him have it.)

My sweet boy.

Our appointment ended up lasting 4 hours on Thursday, four hours with no breaks for lunch.  I've gotten wise about these appointments and brought things to do.  I love that Bennett is old enough to watch movies now.  The DVD player is the most wonderful invention for situations like this!  But at 2pm, I was getting so hungry I couldn't think.  So, I asked if we could meet with some of the noncrucial team next time so we could head to lunch.

Thankfully, my sister Brooklyn lives nearby and came to be with us during the appointment.  I don't know what I would do without her.  She was a great resource to me as she calmed my fears during Bennett's bloodwork (a painful process) and she helped me entertain Bennett so I could talk with his doctors. 

I'm so glad we made the move to Children's.  Not only am I happy with our care there, I am happier that Aunt Brooklyn can come help us more often.  It's pretty nice to have a doctors appointment and a family reunion on the same day!  Bennett loves Brooklyn and so do I!  We are thankful for family, for our CF team and for good health!  (Now we wait a week to hear back on bloodwork and his throat culture to see if there are any changes to Bennett's care.)


  1. Looks like a great switch!!!We get bloodwork next clinic visit too...uggg. He is so cute and growing so big FAST! The paci is Madeline's best friend. She is nearly 2.5 and still has it. It is the ONE thing that calms her. I let it slide because she needs something if she has to go through all this CF stuff. Love the pics! Hoping for great results!!!

  2. Brilliant idea with the giraffe on the Xray table, Mama!


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