16 July 2011

A Summer Swim

:::EDIT: I wanted to send lots of love and prayers to Baby Peyton and her family at  Peyton was born a few days ago and her story is eerily similar to Bennett's birth story.  Peyton, who is currently in the hospital recovering from bowel surgery, has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and has an older brother named Radek who also has CF.  I have been heart broken to hear about Jamie's journey with Peyton as I remember feeling so many similar feelings when Bennett was born early due to concerns of non-fetal movement and meconium ileus.  I thought I'd share their story with others since it is story we know all to well.  Our prayers are with Jamie, Shane, Radek and little Peyton.:::

We are finishing up a wonderful visit with Nana and Papa but we've been so busy I haven't uploaded all of our pictures yet.  These pictures are from last week at our local swimming pool.

Bennett loves wearing sunglasses.  And for good reason: he has fair skin and blue eyes.  So, if we're outside, he wants them on!

Oliver is LOVING jumping off the side of the pool.  He loves it so much and is so anxious that we keep having to teach him how to ask for permission before he jumps.  We love that he's so carefree in the water but we also want him to have a healthy fear of jumping without someone watching.  Nonetheless, he loves jumping to daddy.

I love these pictures of the boys holding their Daddy's hand.

 I happened to be trailing behind them on the way to our car when I realized they all had Hawaiian flowered swimsuits on.

Between the swimsuits and the sweet handholding, I couldn't resist a picture.  This is a moment I love to cherish.

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