06 July 2011

Silly Bennett

These pictures are from dinner at July 4th when we skipped one of Bennett's "official" meals and let him just dig in like the rest of us.  After he was done, I took some pictures of our messy boy.  He showed us on camera some of the silly personality we see every day.

(The reason he has 4 plates is because each plate was measured and weighed so we could track how much of each food he ate.)  Isn't he getting so big?!


  1. :-)
    sweet beautiful boy.

  2. Yeah! Love to see these kind of posts! He is too darn cute! (And we have that same outfit for little man. Sad we can't get them together for a picture!)

  3. Looks like he is just enjoying food. Love it. Such a big boy- he grew up too fast!! :)

  4. How in the world do you measure how much he ate, when so much of it is ON him instead of IN him? So cute!


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