31 July 2011

Pooh on the big screen

I wish I had had my camera last night.

It was too dark. But I took the picture with my brain and hope I'll never forget.

Bennett's first movie.

The little guy sat propped up in those over sized movie theater chairs (you know, the automatic folding kind that if not careful could, very well, eat your child right up in them).  I put the diaper bag behind him to assure the seat would not digest him completely.

The blue reflection from the gigantic screen shown on his face, defining an outline of his tshirt and shorts, and of the little wooden Thomas the Train toy which stayed clenched tightly in his hand the entire time.  Faintly, I could see the glow from his feeding pump tucked inside his tiny backpack, the backpack in which he wore because, inevitably, if we do anything of any substance outside of the house, we're forced to miss a scheduled feeding.

I wish that I could have saved this moment for forever.  My youngest is becoming a big boy.

At first, Bennett sat watching the movie "Winnie-the-Pooh" without any real movement.  He was transfixed by the experience.  Something so large and magical was happening on the screen before him.  This was something he had never done before. 

Then, something funny happened and he laughed. 

Then, he saw the bees and began to buzz, since he knows what bees say.  Eventually, he was pointing to everything and making sure both mom and dad nodded back in reply.

Not long after that, he wanted in my lap.  To sit backwards.  To watch the people behind us.  To point out my eyes, my nose, my hair.  After 40 good minutes, I knew it was my cue to take our exit.  Off we went to the lobby for the remaining 40 minutes of the movie.

But it was good while it lasted...the chance to savor the sweetness that comes from watching a child grow up.  These are the moments when I wish time stood still, if even for a moment.  I'm so blessed to get to experience this. 


  1. I can picture this exactly. What a vivid description, easily as good as a photograph!

    I have considered taking Daniel to this, too, and just knowing it would be a 45 minute experience for us.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought about taking Molly, but I think I'll live vicariously through you and wait another year. Last night we pulled an "order dinner out then ask them to make it to go". Life with toddlers!

  3. What a beautiful visual description!


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