26 July 2011

Our silly monkey.

It's TOO HOT to go outside these days. So, we spend much of the time indoors. The kids mainly play with cars. Oliver is enjoying Vacation Bible School this week while Bennett stays on schedule at home. The pictures I have of them are few since we aren't doing anything out of the ordinary.   I'm already fantasizing about fall and the excitement of being outdoors again.  (By the way, this is day 25 of straight three digit weather in Texas.)

So, since my pictures are few, I thought I'd put up a cute video I took of Bennett a few weeks ago at the Baseball game. He was playing with the little hat that ballpark ice cream comes from. I decided to get a video of him just being himself and I happened upon a pretty impressive moment for a 21 month old.  He reminds me of a little show monkey in this video. :)


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