14 July 2011

Fun at Nana and Papa's House

This is actually a picture from a few weeks ago.  Our friend, Lilli, almost 3, found this old books of Oliver's in his room and somehow managed to convince Bennett to let her put them on him.  She was quite proud of herself and Bennett seemed to enjoy all the attention.)

We have been having a wonderful time with Nana and Papa so far!  The boys are eating it up!  Even though we've been chained to the house due to feedings, having several adults available to do things at different times has made it much easier.  Plus, we tried, for the first time, to feed Bennett while out and about today (more on that later).

Nonetheless, the boys adore their Nana and Papa and are appropriately being spoiled.  Ice cream has made it into their schedule at least once a day so far and the boys have already enjoyed a trip to the toy store!  We've been to the local Children's Museum and to a minor league baseball game.  Tomorrow is expected to deliver just as much fun!

Having said that, everyone is hating the manual CPT (Chest Physical Therapy) which includes keeping a 21 month old still for 20 minutes and using one's wrist to pound his chest and back for that long.  This is the price to pay for keeping Bennett healthy (and forgetting the Vest!).  Brian reminded me this morning, "if we ever complained about doing the Vest in the past, we're not going to now.  The Vest is SOOO much easier!"  Thankfully Bennett is getting older and can more easily be taught to sit down and be still.  It's hard (there have been tears) but we can't give up.  We do this because we love him.

Speaking of Bennett becoming older and being able to be taught.  Since when did he become a little boy?!  A few days ago, when we missed our flight, I was sitting on the floor of the airport waiting for Brian to return from dropping off the car in the parking lot.  I needed to change Bennett's diaper but didn't want to leave where Brian couldn't see me.  So, I found a small corner, pulled out the diaper mat and planned to change him there.  Bennett, being the smart thing he is, saw this display of preparation and went running in the other direction.

I was tired and didn't want to have to get up to get him.  So, I used my mother-teacher voice and well-prepared commands and told Bennett I needed him to come to me.  He took those chubby little arms, crossed them and turned away from me as to make sure I knew his intentions.  I knew, since I had already told him what I was going to do, I was going to have to follow through.  In our family, there's no going back on commands once they've been made.  But I tried one last ditch effort to give him a second chance, "One...two..."  And what do you know?!  That little guy came right on over and lied down.  I gave him my I-am-very-proud-of-you-for-obeying-but-I-didn't-expect-you'd-respond-otherwise smile.  But inside I felt like I had struck gold! Sweeet!  My child knows right from wrong and now can obey on command!

Oliver is very obedient and, so far, Bennett too.  I am so glad to know he's now at a place where he can be taught.  For his safety, we need to know Bennett will listen to us.  So, I feel like we've just hit a new milestone.  Bennett is getting bigger, smarter and more fun as he gets older.  But I am beginning to miss the babiness he's leaving behind.

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  1. 1. LIlli!!! : ) She's too cute!

    2. I'm jealous you're at Nana and Papa's house. Eat some delicious food while you're there! ; )

    - Hannah


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