19 June 2011


I still have quite a few pictures to post from our time at the hospital. It's amazing how time flew those last two weeks. And the last few days there were almost one long day with small naps in between. I hardly slept and had little time to to blog.

But there are pictures left that are still worth blogging...and a few of them are of our little friend Victoria and her parents.

Victoria is an almost 4 year old patient who was in the Feeding program with Bennett (along with 3 other children).  I really connected with Victoria's mom early on.  And then, when I learned they were admitted about the same day as we were, I knew our relationship would continue throughout our time there.

It turned out that both our family and Victoria's family were on the same "track" most of the time we were at the hospital.  So, Victoria's mom and I spent alot of time talking about how our children were taking to the well as how we, as parents, were coping living in the hospital.  I consider Candace a friend for life and cannot imagine how lonely I might have felt if I had not had her to talk to throughout the day.  On top of that, our children played beautifully while at the hospital. 

Oliver and Bennett play on the sofa.  Victoria was such a great "big sister" to Bennett in the hospital.  Her name for him was "Baby Bennett" and her voice always went up two octaves whenever she saw him.  She would squeal, "Baby Bennett!! Baby Bennett!!"  I always knew that I didn't have to worry if Bennett was out of my sight and Victoria was around.  Her voice was my GPS when locating Bennett around the corner or in the next room.

Victoria and "Baby Bennett" in the common area.

Victoria in all her glory.

Victoria showing me her "Fancy Nancy" purse.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Coolman showed up not a minute too late.

The kids play with their sunglasses.

Bennett and his "big sister".   Victoria called Oliver and Bennett her "brothers".  Since she was an only child and since the boys don't have a sister, I loved the label!

Victoria's Dad, Alex, came to visit each weekend.  Their family lives in San Antonio.  The kids really loved when we brought out his iPad.

Bennett and Victoria listen to music on the iPad.

Bennett loved Alex's iPad.

The kids play.

Victoria has sensory issues which makes it very difficult for her to eat.  She doesn't have a g-tube but is in the 5th percentile for weight and keeps her parents worried.  From what I understand from Victoria's mom and dad, the Baylor Feeding program was very good for her as it was for Bennett.  However, both children still have a long ways to go.

Candace, Victoria's mom, is amazing!  She had every.single.thing I could even dream of needing while in the hospital.  Here she is in her hospital room with her Dawn dish soap and scrubber!  She cracked me up!  She also reminded me alot of my own mother whom I've nicknamed "Mary Poppins".  Both Candace and my own mother have the uncanny ability to keep everything on hand for any need. 

At one point during our time at the hospital, little Victoria got a virus.  In order to keep all of the other patients well, the hospital regulated Victoria and her family to her room for 24 hours (or until signs of fever were gone).  Since we were used to seeing Victoria and fam, we certain missed them.

We all entertained ourselves by waving, smiling and talking to them through the window.   Candace, who could come in and out of the room, had to wear isolation gear (aka a disposable gown and gloves) when out of the room.

Thankfully, Victoria didn't stay sick long.  Within a few days, she was feeling better and the boys were enjoying visiting her in her room.

This one day, the kids were playing quietly.   I came in to see what Oliver and Victoria were up to.  Apparently, they were making a band.  Victoria, the strings.  Oliver, the keyboard and vocals.

Victoria looked like a natural on this toddler electric violin.  It was so funny to watch her act so serious.

Later, groupie Bennett crashed the band's rehearsal.  Oliver was forced to share the piano with brother.  He decided to stick with vocals.

Each night Victoria would come into Bennett's room after her bath and sit with us as we did Bennett's vest treatment.  She was fascinated by Bennett's vibrating "life jacket." 

Later, when cleaning out the hospital room the day before we left to go home, I found an old infant vest that I needed to throw away.  (The vests are considered personal items so they cannot be shared or returned to the company.)  I offered Victoria to keep the vest and use for her doll.  She was ecstatic!  And her mother, being the creative one she is, found extra oxygen mask tubing at the hospital for which she gave Victoria to use during her play. 

Victoria, realizing one last piece of her make believe play was missing requested that she and her mother take a trip to Target to purchase a $16,000 Vest machine.  Unfortunately, Candace had to break it to Victoria that while Target is amazing, it, in fact, does not have everything (...especially a $16,000 Vest machine).

While playing in Victoria's room one day, we decided to let Bennett "try on" one of Victoria's bows.

He was less than impressed.  But we thought it was adorable! long as Dad wasn't around. :)

On the day we left to go home from the hospital, Oliver and Victoria posed for some pictures.  

 Sweet friends.

Oliver really loved on Victoria.  He was always wanting to hug her neck and kiss her.  She was so sweet to share her beloved pink plasma scooter.  Who wouldn't want to hug and kiss something who did that?

Victoria, come visit us in Waco soon!!  We miss you!  (That goes for you too, Candace and Alex!)

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