13 June 2011


Bennett has continued to do well at his feedings.  He is drinking about double of what he was drinking by mouth when he came here to the Feeding Clinic.  And he is eating much better as well.

We have moved back and forth between two specific modification programs - 1.) telling Bennett to "take his bite" twice, after which if he doesn't comply, we take his toys and turn off the movie until we gain compliance and 2.) taking the toys and turning off the movie before requesting Bennett comply with our request that he "take his bite."

The first behavior method is one that we tried out first.  But, because Bennett would not comply after two requests and because we kept having to take valuable eating time (25 minutes is how long we have for each meal) to take away toys, we changed our behavior method to the second method.

As we have seen Bennett comply better with the second method, the child psychologist has determined that we can once again try the first behavior method with Bennett if we can now gain better compliance.

All of this is important as it helps us monitor his willingness to participate in our effort to feed him.  The more resistant he is, the less effective we can be.  Thankfully, we have seen he is compliant and the methods are showing to be highly effective.

I will post Bennett's menu when the staff here gives me his final menu to use at home.  He will eat the same items for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner according to what they prescribe.  It will be the job of the speech therapist to introduce new foods over time.  We will work on increasing the volume of foods first, then similar textured foods, then different textured foods.

Once we leave, it will be our job to prepare and blend all of Bennett's foods.  We will be in charge of keeping track of how much he eats per day and counting his calories.   We will submit paperwork to the dietician weekly so she can monitor his progress and help us know whether we should decrease or increase Bennett's g-tube feeds accordingly.  We will also stay in touch with the Feeding Clinic dietician with regards to any increases in enzymes.

Bennett is doing really well on the program.  Everyone is hopeful that within a year, he will be g-tube free!  I am praying for good health this year so we can continue his good progress in eating orally! 

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