07 June 2011

Ready or not, Here I come...Off!

This is the story of my cast:

It all started with this, the boot...which was worn because of a stress reaction...that was mistaken to be a tumor...that was proven not to be...after which an MRI was done...And this boot was worn...until it was clear it wasn't working...

...and a cast was born...and this cast limited the foot completely...(btw, that's Bennett's baby foot to the bottom left of the picture, not my other foot)...

...but the cast, which served more like a boot...was worn down until it couldn't be used anymore...because the crutches that were given with the cast weren't used and the cast was walked this cast was patched up with some special "blue on blue cars themed" tape by an occupational therapist at the hopes it will make it a bit longer...

...but while Friday awaits, daily showers must take was ordered for the cast a special waterproof protective layering to use during a shower...which is called a Cast Condom Cast Cover....which is placed on the cast exactly as expected...

...but when the Cast Cover broke, to my surprise, a new nifty thing was found...the hospital nurse provided a special white plastic-paper cover for the cast to be used in the hospital, which worked perfectly.

Thankfully, the story of my cast is in its final chapter.  I have an appointment to get the cast off on Friday.  Ready or not, here it!  I'm beyond ready!  I just hope my ankle is!


  1. Breck, this is hilarious! It really does look like a cast condom... Wow! : )

  2. Lol!!! That's funny where you said, "That's Bennett's baby foot, not my other foot". Haha!


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