12 June 2011

Oliver's Adventures: DFW Observation Deck

:::EDIT:  I just found this blog entry from several weeks ago. Clearly I wrote it planning to post it but just never did. I thought I'd post as is anyway!:::

Last week, Nana and Papa went with us on one of Oliver's adventures: to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Observation Deck, Founder's Plaza.  It's relatively new and pretty nice.

The area is landscaped beautifully around an aviation beacon.

The airport has some darling statues of kids running around like airplanes  to indicate this area is particularly for children.

Airplanes land in the distance.

It was fun to see the airplanes come in for a landing.

The airport provides free binoculars to use.

Unfortunately, Oliver can't close one eye and look through the binoculars.  And even Brian and I had trouble using the binoculars to track a landing plane.

The aviation beacon.

A plaque explaining about the beacon.

The beacon is 50 feet tall and rotates.

Oliver, Nana and Papa watch a large plane land.  It was really cool to see the large planes land.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to see planes take off from the Observation Deck.

Oliver and Daddy check out the Beacon.

It was a windy day but a perfect one to watch planes land.   We're so glad Nana and Papa were able to be there with us to enjoy it!


  1. It seems like it's always windy out there. Lol, whenever I go out there, I bring my own binoculars. It's usually the same planes taking off and landing, but sometimes a double decker type plane takes off. Now that one is LOUD!

  2. My name is Jason, and I was looking for info on the DFW observation deck when I came across your site here. Let me first say thank you for the pictures you have on the Obersavtion deck, it helped me know what to expect. Second, your family is beautiful and loved the site. Third, I do not know much about CF, but was deeply moved by your video on the top right, and all your pictures. I will say a prayer for you and your beautiful family. All I know is that God is good all the time, and he loves you and your family. Stay strong, and trust in him. Again thank you for the website, I loved it all.

    Jason Broome

  3. Is there a restroom there at the observation deck?

  4. No, unfortunately, there is no restroom there.


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