21 June 2011

Oliver's Adventures: Children's Medical Center Trains

:::EDIT: Forgive me for such late posting of pictures. But I didn't want to forget all of our adventures in Dallas...including this one.:::

During our first week in Dallas at the Baylor Feeding Clinic, Brian and I took Oliver to see the trains at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. 

A miniature train exhibit fills the lobby of the children's hospital.

Oliver really enjoyed seeing all of the trains go in and out of tunnels and under and over bridges.

Daddy gives Oliver a different view.

Everything is better on Daddy's shoulders.

My sweet boys.  I really enjoyed getting to see them delight in toys together.  I wish Bennett could have been there.  He would have loved it!!  But we'll have a chance to go back with sometime soon.

The trains went up pretty high...

...throught the "mountains".  The exhibit was free and while I was disappointed that it was a bit smaller than I expected, it was a perfect 20 minute outing for a 3 year old little boy.

After the train exhibit and lunch, we finished off our time out at a local park near the Baylor Feeding Clinic.  Fortunately, the weather this day was beautiful.  We wouldn't dare walk out into a park these days.


Not sure what the heck this piece of concrete art was but Oliver enjoyed it.

A fun day full of trains and the park.  What preschooler wouldn't love that for a day adventure in Dallas!

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  1. White one! Lol, couldn't resist. Azer and I have a VW battle going on continuously for the past 6 months.

    The last time Azer was admitted to the hospital, the nurse that was going to be taking him from admissions to the in-patient area asked him, "Would you like to go see the trains first? We can go in that way." Azer says, "No, I have seen them TOO many times." Lol. At Christmas time, they decorate the Dallas part of the trains to look like a little Christmas village.

    Maybe I need to work on my "gratefulness attitude". I guess there are just too many emotions associated with the Children's Hospital. Too many times of feeling terrified because he's admitted!


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