25 June 2011

Occupational Therapy

I still have several posts worth of pictures from our time at the Feeding Clinic.  So, I will post those in the next few days.  I am glad I was able to get some shots of Bennett in Occupational Therapy at the Feeding Clinic as his occupational therapy in Waco will be somewhat similar.

Bennett LOVED the swings.  Often, the swings were used as a motivator to get him to participate in occupational therapy exercises.  However, the swings were also very beneficial for working with him on balance.  When Bennett sits on his bottom, he often keeps his legs in a "W" formation, which allows him to better stabilize his trunk area.  However, it is not good for his posture.  The swings help him build core strength.

Megan helps Bennett play in the sensory box.  The sensory box encourages Bennett to touch textures he would otherwise prefer not to touch.  This box was filled with packing peanuts.  However, tiny little trinkets were hidden inside so he would try to touch it.

Ironically, on one of our first days at the hospital, I met Megan - whom I recognized almost immediately as one of my sorority sisters from the University of Missouri (crazy that we'd meet in Texas!).  When I graduated from college, I joined the Kappa Delta alumnae board where I got to know Megan who was undergraduate chapter officer in the sorority.  It was super fun to have her work with Bennett at the Feeding Clinic and see her running around the hospital from time to time.  She's a great woman and I was so glad to have gotten to see her again, no longer an undergrad but now in her career.

At the Baylor Feeding Clinic, I noticed the Occupational Therapists would often surround the child (patient) with their bodies.  I asked about this.  Apparently, this keeps the child feeling safe as well as focused on the task at hand.

Megan had Bennett lie on a rolled mat and reach for a toy.  This is to help his body in a variety of ways.  His trunk, arms and hands.

Using pull apart toys.  Bennett struggles with this task.

Megan shows Bennett how to pull them a part.  When he wants to stop the activity, Megan encourages him to try once more.  

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  1. This is so cool, Breck. Do they give you things to do with Bennett (and Oliver) in the in between time? I'd be interested to hear what you do. I love the part about them surrounding Bennett's body so he feels safe.


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