12 June 2011

More Child Life Playtime

At the end of our first week, a little boy named Esher left to go home after his 5 week stay.  Mom was estatic about leaving but 5 year old Esher was pretty disappointed.  These pictures are just an example of why the little patients (and their siblings) find going home to be more disappointing than staying in the hospital...

The big thing here these days is riding "scooters".  With 5 preschool patients and 2 siblings often at the hospital during the day, we have no less than 7 riding or push toys.  The kids love it.  And it gives them plenty of opportunities to get off their energy.  We will definitely remember to bring our personal scooters to the hospital during our next hospital stay.  They are tons of fun for the kids.

Lauren offers a toy to Bennett during Child Lifeplaytime, when the playroom is open and a staff member is there to play with/watch the kids.

During Playroom time, Oliver enjoyed playing dress up.  The girls like playing with the princess costumes.  Some of the kids like dressing up like doctors.  Oliver preferred dressing up as a Fireman.

Oliver enjoys quiet time in our room.

I love Bennett's new trick: catching the ball.  How funny is he when he tries to catch a ball, his hands all held out.

Sweet boy.

Sometimes, the Disney channel is playing in the common area.  Bennett finds himself mesmerized.

Bennett loves to watch the fish in the common area.

Playing on the couch with Douglas.

Douglas is always near when Bennett is around.

Daniel, a volunteer here, gives Bennett a lift so he can throw the ball in the hoop.

Daniel is a really fabulous guy who volunteers with his girlfriend one day a week at the hospital.  He works full time but does this one evening a week.  He told me that it's harder to be a volunteer here than get a job since volunteers here go through a rigorous background check to make sure they are safe with the kids.   For this, I am glad.

The staff here - as well as the volunteers - are wonderful.  Oliver learns how to spin the ball on his finger.

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