09 June 2011

Continuing Bennett's Progress

I let her go but forgot to get a picture of her to place on the blog.  Tiffany (wearing pink in the September 2010 picture above) is our Speech Therapist and she is a godsend.   She drove up, on our accord, to Dallas to spend the day with us.  She had indicated several weeks ago that if the Feeding Clinic would allow her, she would like to learn about their methods.  I was more than happy to have her come, so she could learn about the program here, but also so she could meet with the experts here to help us continue care at home.

What an awesome decision that was!  Not only did Tiffany get a crash course in the Our Children's House Feeding Protocol, she was able to speak extensively with the team here to find out what direction they want Bennett to go in next.

I feel tons more confident about our discharge from the hospital now that I know we have someone who can bridge our time here with our time at home.  In fact, Tiffany has been with us for about a year so she has seen Bennett throughout several stages of development and has gotten to know him really well.

When I met with the Feeding Clinic staff today during our second and last Care Conference meeting, we discussed what follow up with the Feeding Clinic looks like.  First, our family now has full access to the team here at any time.  We will be given their phone numbers and pager numbers to use as needed.  Second, we have been put on the waiting list for returning in January should we find ourselves desperately in need of help of where to go from here.  Third, we were told that with the kind of resourceful, dedicated speech therapist we have in Tiffany, we're most likely not going to ever have to return to the Feeding Clinic.  The team felt confident that Tiffany would be able to guide us towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  This made me so so happy to hear!!

Tiffany learned a ton and got to see how differently we will need to do things at home.  She and I got a plan for what the future looks like for Bennett in the way of therapies and how she will be crucial to helping us make the jump from puree food to chewing foods to a full wean off the pump.  The team at the Feeding Clinic will be like the air traffic controllers, guiding her, but she will be the pilot (myself the co-pilot) as we land Bennett into fully independent eating at some point in the future. 

It was nice to show Tiffany what I'm learning here...and how much progress Bennett is showing.  She was impressed with how he is doing and reminded me of this.  I feel like I've got the feeding protocol down pretty well.  I will continue to tweak my technique so I am most confident at home.  Brian will return this weekend to finish up his training. 

I have ordered many supplies to help us be successful.  The reality is it takes a bit of resources to make this work.  Our kitchen might need some minor revamping as well.  But we're in this for the long haul so if we have to set up shop in the middle of our kitchen, we'll make it work. 

My anxiousness has changed to resolve, my nervousness to confidence.  Home looks less like a relaxing place I hope to be in a few days...and more simply the next chapter of our journey. 

I'm almost ready for it.   

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