12 June 2011

Child Life Playtime

Each week, the Child Life Specialists hand out a Child Life Playroom schedule so we know what activities are going on for the week for the kids.

Child Life is really wonderful at helping the kids think about other things than hospital things.  Child Life is crucial to the Feeding Clinic because the children are in the hospital for long and are unable to get out and do stimulating things.  In the numerous hospitalizations we've had, we've never used or needed to use Child Life quite as much as we do here.  But we love them!

During a recent activity, Bennett gets his coloring on.

Once Bennett gets bored with coloring, Daddy gets his coloring on.

Bennett finds the baby bottle and "feeds" Douglas.

Our little friend Victoria plays with a baby from the playroom.

Bennett finds a phone and decides to multi-task.

He decides to put the phone on mute and take a swig of what he gave to baby.

Like any good father, he's taking care of business while taking care of his little one.

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