10 June 2011

Celebrating Trigger

A week or so ago, we were invited by the Child Life Staff for an "End of School" party in the playroom.  I thought this was a pretty typical activity at the hospital as there is often "cookie decorating parties" or "finger painting parties".  But, when I heard there was going to be a therapy dog, a snow cone machine, cotton candy, etc, I knew this was going to be especially fun.  Then, when I got word that NBC Nightly News was going to be there, I thought, "This must be some party!"  

It turns out that this party was set up to coincide with NBC Nightly News' story on Bryan Townsend, the owner of Trigger, the therapy dog, who dedicates much of his time and money to help the children of Our Children's House at Baylor and other area hospitals.

Here's the original story that aired tonight on NBC Nightly News' segment "Making a Difference".

Here is an additional story found only online that tells more about Trigger's story:

Here are pictures from the day...
An adorable sign for Trigger, the therapy dog.

The Child Life Staff prepares the area for the party.

The playroom is ready.

Trigger arrives!

...with a wagon full of toys (and a NBC Nightly News camera guy) in tow!

Trigger is *such* a sweet dog!  And he wears a kindergarten sized Spiderman backpack.

Bennett was apparently more interested in the "Cars" toy that Trigger gave him than in Trigger himself.

Oliver finds the popcorn machine fascinating!

Oliver loved watching the popcorn pop!

At the party, the children enjoyed a magic show!

Bennett enjoyed petting Trigger at the party.

The boys' little friend, Victoria, loved the party.

I loved the cotton candy!

Mumsy, who helped us that day while Brian was in Waco, loves on her little boy.

Bennett-hugs are the best!

Oliver loved the magic show!

The boys both sat through alot of the show!

Clapping for the magician!

The snow cone machine and cotton candy machines.

There is nothing better than cold sugar ice on a hot Texas summer day!

Finally time for popcorn!

Chomping on some popcorn, even Bennett!

...but especially Oliver!

This plaque was such much more significant to me once the party was over.  It says, "Outdoor Family Play Area generously donated by Trigger's Toys & Dallas Rugby Football Club".  I had no idea that the outdoor courtyard area we play in each day with the kids was given by Trigger and his pal Bryan.
The courtyard after the party.

Megan, one of the Child Life Specialists, loves on Bennett as the party winds down.

The magician gives Oliver some special attention.

Jennifer, Oliver's very favorite Child Life Specialist.  One day, I found him patiently standing next to Jennifer for no less than 5 minutes as Jennifer spoke with another mother.  Embarrassed, I came and got him so they could have some privacy.  I asked Oliver later, "why were you standing there?"  He said, "I was waiting.  I wanted to talk to her."  I asked, "what did you want to say to her?"  He replied, "I wanted to tell her the fire is over there."  Apparently, he had wanted to engage her in play.  It was really sweet.  He appreciates so much the special attention Jennifer has given to him at the hospital.  It has given me some insight into how siblings of sick children need to have special people who are particularly aware of their feelings and needs.  It is because of Jennifer that I am going to find a college student "buddy" for Oliver this year.  I think he would love that.

The Child Life Staff...the people who help make the kids happy in the face of living in the hospital!  They help Mommas like me on a daily basis!  I love seeing these sweet women in the brown walking around the hospital.  I always know if I need a break in the day, I can ask any of these women to help.

Thank you, Trigger and Bryan Townsend, for all that you have done for Our Children's House at Baylor.   I had no idea that the courtyard we enjoy or the swings in the therapy room Bennett loves are because of your hard work and dedication to sick kids.  Thank you for the toys and all that you do for little ones like mine!!!


  1. Great pics! Love the video clip! You all are famous!

  2. Awww, I want to be Oliver's college buddy!! =)


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