23 June 2011

Bennett's Blended Menu

:::Edit: Thank you Olga, Sandy, Lydia and Nicole for your stories and encouragement!  It means so much to hear how your children are doing with eating and overcoming both CF and g-tube weaning challenges.  I have so appreciated your insights and advice!:::

Bennett's menu was put in place at the hospital.  We have kept it about the same since we've been home, except for a few substitutions.

For breakfast, he has Blended Pancake, a Nutrigrain bar and Chocolate Milk with Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast.  When we feed him, we feed in "rounds."  It goes: 1 bite of pancake, 1 bite of Nutrigrain bar, 1 bite of pancake, 5ml of drink.  We continue providing his food in this structured manner until the time is up or the food is gone.

For lunch, he has Blended Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Ritz crackers (or Cheeto puffs) and Chocolate Milk with Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Again, the feeding pattern is 1 blended bite, 1 chewing bite, 1 blended bite, drink.

For snack, his menu is as follows: Greek Yogurt (the most fattening yogurt one can find), Honey Nut Cheerios (or Fig Newtons) and Chocolate Milk with Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Each meal, we typically get around 6-10 rounds of food.
For dinner, he gets Blended Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (made with as much whole milk and butter as possible) or Blended Sweet Potatoes, tiny Cream Cheese balls and Chocolate Milk with Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast.

When I was told by the hospital what supplies we needed for when we got home, I was told that we need a scale...a blender (such as the Magic Bullet)...

 a chair with straps, a tray and a place to properly place the child's feet...

and cans of Duocal (3 cans per month, as matter of fact).

So, we have to prepare Bennett's food daily.  And here's how we do it.  This is how we blend Bennett pancakes.

First, we made pancakes.

Then, we begin to tear it up and put it in the Magic Bullet.


Then, we add milk and butter...

...and syrup, of course.

And turn it on!  Who could not resist the taste of pancake blended to puree??  Once done, we divvy up the pancake into small containers.  Before each meal, we put one tablespoon of Duocal in each serving.  Then, we must weigh the food and document it's weight before and after feeding.

How exciting to sit down to a meal of blended food??  If this food looks good in pictures, let me tell you, it's even more appetizing in person! Ha!  I'll do whatever I need to do to get my kid to eat and gain weight...even if it meals "Magic Bulletting" it!  Want to come over for dinner??


  1. oh no, i'm going to drive you crazy with my posts! :-)
    i do have a question though: is there any concern about the very high levels of sodium in the kraft mac and cheese? i admit i am a bit of a foodie, and a type 1 diabetic! (when we did fries when zander was in his fry stage, which taught him a lot about managing food, we salted at home, and not a lot).
    we also did blended diet for zander via his tube, as it does not sit so long in the stomach like formula, plus it's a much more complete diet (ie, using grains and fruits/veggies for carbohydrates instead of corn syrup or sugar as found in formula). it was a blast blending up real meals, and he would run into the kitchen and pull up his shirt when he heard the blender going. :-)
    go, bennett, go!

  2. I don't want to ask a lot of stupid questions (which I have plenty of) because it's not my business. But do you do anything involving pureed avacado, since it is a source of good fats? Could you mix it with the yogurt to help thin it out even more?

    And isn't the short term goal to get Bennett to feel hungry and WANT to eat and then you'll be able to go from there to tweak what he eats and hopefully eventually be able to serve one meal to the family instead of having him eat something different?

  3. Love your explanations of how you feed b! From time to time, I still have to use our magic bullet too to puree certain foods. Madeline has a bit of a gag reflex when it comes to certain textures. I have used the "bullet" for oatmeal mixed with yogurt and scrambled eggs. You are doing a fantastic job! He has such a personal chef at every meal! :)


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