15 May 2011

We are here.

Love At First Sight: As soon as we checked in at the Ronald McDonald House, we were invited for dinner in their kitchen.  Oliver got to drink chocolate milk and eat pasta while watching Monsters, Inc on the TV.  He was in heaven!  Apparently Mr. Fox, his best buddy, also thoroughly enjoyed himself as well.

It's hard to believe that our time has come. It's hard to believe something we first investigated nine months ago is finally coming to fruition. We're about to embark on our most serious efforts yet to get Bennett to eat.

Tonight, the glow of computer screens shine upon our (Brian's and my) faces. To my right, another glow lights the darkness of our little hotel-like bedroom. It's the glow of Bennett's pump, slowly pumping in his needed calories while our chubby little boy drifts to sleep. Oliver is on a pallet on the floor next to me in the dark.  His favorite stuffed fox is cuddled within his arms.

We are finally settled into the Ronald McDonald House for the night. This is step one of our journey. Half of us are where we need to be. The other half, Bennett and me, will check in to our "hotel" tomorrow.

I'll post pictures of the Dallas Ronald McDonald House as soon as I can. The boys LOVE it here. And Brian and I agree that of all of the places to be "stuck" for a month, this one is not too bad.

Oliver's "adventure" has been all that it's cracked up to be. He's found there is a playroom, a library, a playground and all sorts of TVs here. He loves the long hallways and kitchen areas to play. I think Oliver and Brian will both enjoy themselves. This place has alot of nooks to hang out in.  The people who run this place seem to have really thought of the needs of their potential families.  This House was built less than 2 years ago and it reflects modern decorating and design.  It has a nice outside area to hang out as well as a rocking chair porch.  I can't express enough what these little things mean to families like mine.  Small opportunities of calm, comfort and beauty can really affect one's mood.  This place seems to offer just that.

Today, after checking in and getting a tour of the house, we were treated to dinner by the Ronald McDonald House (RMH). The Dallas Ronald McDonald House is the only one in the nation that offers three cooked meals every single day. It was delicious and we were esctatic that we didn't have to eat out again.

There are some rules that we have to abide by at the RMH but we've had to do so at both other RMH's we've been to.  We must not leave the premises for more than 24 hours.  And we cannot eat or drink (other than water) in our rooms.  There is also no TV in our rooms.  We have access to a washing machine and dryer for free and can buy cokes for 25 cents.  It is our responsibility to keep our rooms clean.  We are given one pair of sheets and one towel per person so we must make sure to wash them as needed during our stay.

Since we've been there, done that, we made sure to: 1.) bring our own pillows, 2.) bring our own towels, and 3.) bring a portable DVD player for the times when Oliver wants to watch a movie in the room.  We're starting to get the hang of these things so that we're a bit more prepared each time.

My foot is really hurting alot these days. The doctor, who I went to see on Friday, prepared me that it may take 4-6 months to heal. So, I'm seriously considering putting a cast on it. It will be so much more inconvinent for the short term but I'm hoping it might speed up the process.  It's pretty disappointing to have to give up driving, at least while I'm here in Dallas.  But these days, I'm beginning to be in pain so much that I don't even care.

It's 9:35pm but Brian and I will fall asleep soon.  This is the benefit/disadvantage of sleeping with two toddlers in the same room.  In order for them to sleep, we must go to sleep too.  I suppose the extra hours of sleep won't hurt us too much.


  1. Love you sweet, sweet friend! Glad you guys made it safe and sound and are in such a lovely and warm place. I look forward to hearing about all that is going to happen as a result of you all being there for Bennett! I am so sorry to hear that your foot is hurting so much. I will pray for you and do agree that maybe the cast will make it a quicker turn-around to a less painful life! Love you guys and can't wait to see you at Great Strides next weekend! Hewitt hugs! :)

  2. SOunds like Oliver will adapt well to his new environment. We will be thinking of all of you and checking into blogger for updates. Many hugs...

  3. Ugh ... sorry to hear you're in pain like that! I'm so glad there are nice places there to relax and chill out!


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