22 May 2011

Update from the Feeding Clinic

Bennett is continuing to do a great job at eating.  The hospital is pretty quiet on the weekends so it's hard to get alot of updates on how he's doing when the main staff is gone.  On the weekends, Bennett does not get Occupational or Speech therapy, just Feeding Therapy 4 times a day.  And the playroom is not open so it's a bit mundane on Saturday and Sundays.  This doesn't bother me now (although it used to) because I've been in the hospital plenty of times through the weekends to know this.  So, we planned for a quiet day.

My mom left from her care giving duties, for now.  She will come back in a few days.  Brian's parents, Nana and Papa (pronounced "Pawpaw") came in yesterday and will stay through the week.  We are LOVING having them here!   We plan to do a variety of things this week, including watching a Texas Rangers game if the weather cooperates.  We'll see how much I can do on my one leg.

My cast is really itchy, which is tormenting when I cannot itch it.  And my upper body is bruised and sore from having to support my body weight every time I walk.  I am hoping these symptoms will go away but it's really hard not to have my leg to use.  Nonetheless, I already feel much less pain, which is absolutely wonderful.  I hope my short term loss will give me long term gains in the way of healing.

Tonight, Brian and Nana had to run back to the hotel to pick up Papa.  So, I watched the kids by myself for a few hours.  If you want to see what happens when I'm left to watch the kids alone, too weak to use my crutches and forced to keep up with them by hobbling on a cast, essentially letting a three year old and one year bored at the hospital run wild, watch this:
It started out that Bennett was pushing Oliver.  And then Oliver decided he wanted to push Bennett.  For safety, I strapped Bennett in.  We got to the end of the hall by the elevator and Oliver started turning Bennett in circles.  They laughed and laughed.  I kept thinking Bennett would want down or Oliver would grow tired of this, but being the little children they are, they just kept going and wanting to do it more.  Both of them.  Even despite my "ok, let's stop now" protests.  I would have been stronger about their listening to me but they were just having so much fun.  The smile on Bennett's face especially was funny as he grew dizzy.  Eventually, Oliver relented and then you see what happens when three year olds drive.


  1. HAHAHA. That is pretty darn cute. Glad that you can have funny moments like this to break up the hospital time! Very cute video!

  2. The whole fam just watched this together! It's amazing Bennett didn't get sick from all that spinning. Glad the boys are having fun!

  3.!!! I watched it with my sister this morning and we couldn't stop laughing =)


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