15 May 2011

Thoughts Before We Leave

:::EDIT: I know, guys, can you believe I didn't take my boot off for the interview??  This was Brian's first question to me when I returned home from the TV interview.  I was like, "oh goodness, I didn't even think about it!!"  Awkward!  Wish he had suggested it before I left, rather than when I got home.  Oh well.  I'll consider it part of my outfit...and part of TV history forever. :) ::::

This morning, we received our call from the Ronald McDonald House regarding our room.  It is available so we will stay there tonight.  Then, Bennett will be admitted at the Feeding Clinic tomorrow morning.

Overall, we are doing well.  We are finishing packing and will head out soon.  We are nervous mainly over the logistics of all of it - where we are staying, when we have to be somewhere, who can come, who can stay, whether to bring two cars or one, making sure we have every.single.thing we need, etc.  So, we keeping our fingers crossed that all of the logistics will simply work out just fine. 

Our focus is on keeping this an "adventure" for Oliver (who is ecstatic about our "vacation") and helping Bennett also enjoy it all.  Brian and I would, more than anything, like for the children to adjust well and for us all to get settled quickly.  This is our prayer.

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