16 May 2011

Ronald McDonald House Pictures

Our Room at the Ronald McDonald House (but mainly Brian and Oliver's room since I will be with Bennett at the hospital each night).

The beds are so beautiful and the lighting is so nice. 

 A view from our window.

 The bathroom sink is well lit and sits outside of the toilet/bath/shower.

The open closet, to the left of the sink, has plenty of shelving.

The Bathroom.
 Bennett points to his wristband that all of us must wear while we are at the Ronald McDonald House.  You should have seen the look on my face when the sweet young man asked if I could coax my two little boys, ages 3 and 20 months, to wear a plastic wristband for the next 30 days.  I told him, I'd "work on it."  The reality is most families don't stay for as long as we are (although we did meet a man tonight who has been here since January) and most families don't have really young children who stay.  So, I guess they aren't used to having kids wear (or not wear) wristbands.

Oliver pretends to sleep in Daddy's bed.  It was pretty funny when Oliver saw there were two beds in the room.  He announced, "Momma and Bennett can sleep on this bed.  And Daddy and Oliver can sleep on this one!"  He certainly understands who is going to be staying over with whom when we are separated.  But, until we are separated, we explained, Momma and Daddy are going to sleep together and you're sleeping by yourself.  (He chose a pallet on the floor next to us instead.)

 This is where Bennett slept tonight.  It was funny to see he is about too big for it, though.

Oliver's clothes are unpacked and ready to go.  We put some of his toys in the plastic bin in the bottom of the picture.  He loves that he knows where his stuff is.

The boys watch a cat walk around outside.
 Both boys have been fascinated by all the new sights and sounds here.  We watched a plane land near the RMH (I guess we're near the airport) and we watched the city train drive past.  They loved it!

 This home is decorated so beautifully and creatively.

 A view out of the window again.  There is a fabulous place to just sit out with your family and talk.  If more members of our family could talk, we'd probably do that.

 The outside of the RMH.  This really is the best of all three RMH's we've ever been to.  (We joked with the guy tonight that we're hoping to stay at every RMH we can get to.  He explained there are 250 around the US.  So, we have only 247 more to go.)

 Oliver loved the horse statue outside of the RMH.  Rainbow on one side...

Nighttime on the other.

When we went into the "Family Kitchen" portion of the house, Bennett found this adorable little table which was just his size.  He climbed up on the seat and made himself comfy.

 The boys enjoy an evening snack before bed.  Since we can't take food back to our rooms, it's nice to have a quiet place to go for to eat before pajama time.

My evening snack.  Ah, life is good.

A portrait of Mom and Dad...taken by a 3 year old photographer. 


  1. Breck- You are so good at keeping us all updating on what your world looks like. I cannot get over how old Bennett looks in these pictures! He looks more like a boy than a toddler. Hope the boys continue to adjust well. Keep us updated! :)

  2. We prayed for you this morning! May you KNOW the peace and grace of the Lord through this time! We will continue to pray for your joy to be made known even in the midst of challenges. He is able! Take care!

  3. Wow, what a neat place. :) Precious family! Praying for your time there! So thankful for RMH!


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