23 May 2011

Pictures of Our Day: Evening Play at the Hospital

These are pictures of the boys playing at the hospital.  In the evening, before bed but after dinner, the kids like to play in the hallway.  They just get too bored in the room.  So, last night I pulled out my camera to catch the boys in action.

The boys..."on the phone"...but not with each other, I don't think.

The boys' playground on our hospital floor.

The boys running in the halls.  Thank goodness this is a Children's Hospital where most of the nurses don't really care what kids do.

Bennett chews on a pen and carries his best friend with him.  Oliver runs and plays behind him.

Pushing the hospital stroller around...

...and back with Bennett inside.

Bennett loves Oliver pushing him around the floor.  They both just cackle at each other because they think this is so silly.  (This is Bennett's "Say Cheese" face.)  This stroller is technically a "therapy" stroller but the staff will sometimes use it for Bennett if he wants to go for a ride downstairs to his therapies.

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