22 May 2011

Pictures of our Cystic Fibrosis Walk 2011

There are SO many pictures of our walk yesterday. Our walk went SO well! We had as many or more than the number of people that we expected. And we exceeded our fundraising goal by $6,000. We made a total of $36,000!!

We had seriously thought it was going to get rained out only days before. But somehow, God pulled it all together at the last minute. It was neither rainy nor sunny. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. (Even the ground was wet enough for us to put our pinwheels and signs in the ground without any effort.)

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday:

This was our "Pinwheel Patch" with a group of kids playing one of our kid games behind it.

The Registration line.

A painting activity for kids.

The firetruck, which the kids enjoyed getting to play on.  The firemen who game were super wonderful guys.

Since I had to be stationery with my cast, I sat at the Registration table.  Yasmin, the woman behind me was this incredibly thoughtful woman who came out just to help us.  She found our ad in the Waco Tribune and asked if she could help.  She was incredibly patient and helpful to us.  I wish I had a better picture so I could honor her.  I can't even express how helpful she was!

This is the back of my little friend Jill's head.  She was wearing one of the headbands we brought Bennett's Brigade to wear.

The Pinwheel Kids Silent Auction.

This is one of the pictures on sale for the Silent Auction.  Isn't it beautiful?  Bennett and Oliver's picture (not pictured but see here) was available for the auction as well.  I didn't even have a chance to go over and bid on it.  But our sweet neighbors and adopted grandparents, Judy and Drew (I wish I had a picture of them), bid, were out bid and then bid again to eventually win it.  They told Brian they want the boys to autograph it sometime.  They are such sweet friends to us.  We love them.

The Pinwheel Kids Painting booth.

Kids loved painting!

This is Rachel, a huge supporter of our walk and one of the owners of Pinwheel Kids.  They took CF tshirts we were abl to find for them and tie-dye them.  Pinwheel Kids had their own team this year and had quite a few families come out!  I can't say enough about the blessing this woman is to me!

This creative picture was taken by our friend, Molly, a professional photographer in Waco.  I asked her to take a few snapshots for me since my leg is in a cast.  She got some really fun shots I would have never thought about...the next few are pictures she took of different people and things at the walk.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite my leg and the fact that I had to stay busy the entire time.  I would have loved to have seen our team more and just visited.  But otherwise, I had a great time.  I wore pinwheels on my head.

I brought a picture of Bennett with me to the walk so I could share with friends.  This is the picture taken by my friend Khimberly from Snaptastic Shots.

Our neighbor Noah brought his skateboard.  I loved seeing that!

The DJ gives announcements.

I said a few words.  (Check out my cast.  I chose the color blue to match our Yellow and Blue Great Strides color scheme.  I would have worn light blue (the color of Bennett's Brigade) but the nurse told me it was the color that showed the most dirt.  So, I nixed that.

Everybody is lining up between the two buildings to start the walk.

Our security guy watches our group.  The Waco Fire Department's firetruck starts off the walk by turning on their sirens and lights.  So fun!

And off they go!  Carla's Corner holds a banner.  Their team and the Caring for Caroline team both raised over $5,000 so they got their own banner to walk with.

Rounding the corner to head down the street!

I had to stay behind since I can't walk.  But I carried three balloons with me all day.  The baby blue one was for Bennett since he couldn't be there with us.  The pink one was for Jessica (the sister-in-law of a friend) who passed away from CF at 12.  And the green one was for Jeremey (the son-in-law of a friend) who passed away from CF last year.

My balloons fly around while Amy (our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation representative) counts up the donations at the Registration table.  While the walkers were gone, Amy's job was to count all of the money given so we would have a total by the end of the walk.

It was really wonderful to get some TV news coverage of our Walk.  Britney, our reporter and weekend anchor, not only covered the walk but came out to run it.  And then, Josh, her photographer turned out to be a Mizzou alumni (like Brian and me) who went through the same journalism program as me.  He's a few years younger but had all of the same professors as me.  So, we really enjoyed talking "shop" and making a new connection.  I hope now that we have 3 Mizzou tigers in town, we can start having some University of Missouri football watching parties. :)

Four lovely ladies from the Pinwheel Team!

Pizza is ready for our walkers when they return.

Some of Bennett's Brigade takes a seat to eat pizza after having gone on the walk.

These are our next-door neighbors Rachel, Adam and Noah (who I actually prayed for when I knew the house next to us was up for sale).  They have been a blessing to us!  An example of this is to see how much trouble they went to to make tshirts for the walk with Bennett's face on them!  How adorable is that?  That meant a ton to me...that they would love us so much to do that.

Doesn't that just melt your heart?  What mother doesn't love seeing her baby's picture on another person's shirt, knowing they are that serious about finding a cure for him.

The Silent Auction table.  I hope to have more pictures of this soon.

Cheri, who is 43 with CF, was our Super Strider...the single person who raised the most money at our Walk.

The crowd listens.

These were three young guys who amazing at helping us make this day possible.  They were our heavy lifters and did anything we needed them to do.  They had such a great attitude.  They were so incredibly helpful.

Brook-lyn, my sister, and Oliver.

Oh my goodness I cannot say enough about this DJ, Kevin Ballew of Advanced Audio Productions.  He was awesome.  He came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations.  On a personal level, this guy is so very sincere and trustworthy.  I am so glad to know Kevin.  I had so many people mention how much they enjoyed the DJ.  The music was perfect and totally set the mood for the day.  Kevin donated his time for free, even when he had a big event that evening.  I kept wanting to hug him over and over because my appreciation could not be contained. :)


Our little family.  Aunt Brook-lyn was AMAZING!  She was my arms and legs.  She helped with Bennett and generally did whatever I needed.  And Brian is my support.  It is through his emotional and physical support that I was able to handle my baby in the hospital, my foot in a cast and helping to oversee a large 200+ person walk.

What.A.Day!!!!!!  And this isn't even all....I've got a whole post just on the Mad Hatter Tea Party, my friendship anniversary and on two companies who sponsored Bennett at the walk.  But for now, I've gotta go take care of Bennett.  Will blog more tonight!


  1. Sounds like a really fabulous day and looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Way to go on such a successful day. :)

  2. And this is the part of the post were I get talk about how amazing YOU are! Seriously, it looks like you contributed a ton to the walk given a lot of limitations - cast, baby in the hospital. I'm amazed!

  3. You are amazing, my friend! I can't wait to hear all about it and catch up. And maybe we can make our annual Ma-Gam-Bla pilgrimage to Waco next year and do the walk together!! Wouldn't that be amazing?? =)


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