14 May 2011

Painting for Cystic Fibrosis

This morning, the boys and I got up and went to Pinwheel Kids, a children's boutique in town and a sponsor of our CF Walk this Saturday. 

We came especially to visit the child painters who came out this morning to paint for a good cause.  All of the paintings from today's painting session will go on sale at the CF Walk's "Kids' Silent Auction" to raise money for a cure for CF.

I thought it might be fun to let the boys try painting.  Both of them LOVED it!  It was especially funny to see tiny Bennett in a smock painting.

Bennett apparently loved painting so much that somehow his red paintbrush found its way to the tip of his nose.  In this picture, Oliver is actually painting his hand.  He was delighted when I explained I needed him to paint his hand as I wanted a picture of their hand prints .  Oliver painted his hand and put it on the picture.  I was very happy.  (Bennett wanted nothing to do with "handprints.") Bennett made sure to take a different color paint and paint right over Oliver's handprint.  It went on like this at least three or four times before I realized that either way (beautiful or not), I was going to buy this "masterpiece" as a donation to the CF Foundation on Silent Auction day.  It turns out that this mushed up randomly painted picture has a deeper meaning.  Within it's fine selection of colors and multiple strokes is a story of how two little brothers greatly enjoyed their first time painting, even if they did choose to paint over each others' work.  

Here are just some of the beautiful paintings the kids did.   It was so fun to see what the children painted.  We hope it will raise even more money for a cure for Bennett.  It was incredibly meaningful to say "thank you" to the children and parents who came this say thank you for caring enough about my child to come out and paint.

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! Wish we could have joined you.


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