20 May 2011

Oliver's Adventures, Day 2

I'm a bit backlogged on pictures so here are some pictures from "Oliver's Adventures." This is our first adventure out. I'm calling it "Day 2" so that I can just keep up with how many days we've been in the hospital.

Our first adventure together with Oliver was to ride the DART Train (or as I call it, the Dallas Subway System).  The DART goes right by the Ronald McDonald House so Oliver has wanted to ride it since we first got there.

Oliver found the train's wheels and sounds to be most fascinating.

Fox and Oliver watch as the train moves.

Oliver loved it!  We were traveling to go get lunch.

Lunch a a Mexican Restaurant.

Oliver laughed carefree in a way we don't often see.  He loved having all of Mommy and Daddy's attention.

We all had a great time at lunch!

On our way back to the train station, we stopped and watched the running water.

Oliver watches the train arriving.

Oliver and Daddy get on the train to return back home. 

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