30 May 2011

Oliver's Adventure: First Major League Game

One of the fun things we did with Nana and Papa this week was go to a Texas Rangers game near the hospital.  This was Oliver's first Major League Baseball game and he really enjoyed it.  We all did!

The game was a day game between the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox.  

We went to the game while Bennett was in therapy and taking his afternoon nap.

Check out this guy's head.  We sat behind him and loved looking at the art on his skull.

Oliver enjoyed a hot dog.

My boys.

Nana and Papa, we really enjoyed being with them.

Momma and her firstborn.

Father and son.  We had to bring out the umbrellas because it was HOT!!!

I'm not quite sure why we chose to wear bright yellow/gold to an all red and blue Rangers game?  We stuck out like a sore thumb.

My favorite part of the game was the ice cream!!

Oliver and I shared and he loved it!  It was made from Bluebell ice cream and was scrumptious!!

After we were done, Oliver gave our baseball bowl/plastic cap to Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox felt much more in the Texas Ranger spirit with his new cap.  Even he had a good time at the ballpark!

Oliver loved his baseball adventure to see his first game!  We just wish Bennett had been able to join us too! 


  1. Just think, next time you'll get to go with both boys and they can both have yummy ice cream bowls!

  2. Lol, bright yellow! Funny! Looks like you got a good place to sit. That's the nice thing about the Rangers stadium ... the view is great no matter where you sit. The new video board this year is awesome too!

  3. Making memories! Looks like y'all had an awesome time! I think afternoon games are awesome!

  4. Bright yellow shirt! you are point of Funny!!! I loved to see the game and enjoy ice cream..


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