26 May 2011

Moving Day

Yesterday, the charge nurse mentioned to me that we might be moving rooms.  Moving downstairs to the Feeding wing.  I told her I preferred to stay mainly because the rooms downstairs do not have an adjoining bathroom so I would likely struggle to carry my stuff to the bathroom since I'm on crutches and would need a chair to sit on in the shower.

However, I knew that it was likely inevitable.  Our room can be used for more critical patients (rehab and respiratory ventilator patients) and a room was open on the Feeding Clinic wing.

This morning when I woke up, I noticed a note to the nurse on our door that said, "Move to 161."  So, we are in the process of tearing apart our room and getting ready to set up shop in other room downstairs.  There are some pluses about moving but overall, it's hard to do.  Being in the hospital is hard enough with the changes that occur...but having to move again can just make that more difficult.

So, thankful moment #23.) I am thankful for Nana and Papa in town to help us move downstairs and get our new room set up.

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