19 May 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists

My friends will laugh at this post, especially those who already find humorous my love of lists!  Lists are so fun!  Here are three lists that seem to help us navigate life here at the Feeding Clinic:

This is the list Brian and I receive each day detailing what Bennett ate.  It is given to us by the Speech Therapist.  This list allows us to compare how he is doing on a daily basis (what he is eating and how much).  I am keeping it in a notebook so we can document our time here. 

This is one of four Excel spreadsheets I made with all four of our schedules.  Since there is so much that happens during the day from therapies to Vest time to playroom time, I created an excel spreadsheet for us to use until we get more used to the schedule.  This is also helpful for when the staff changes our schedule or when Brian needs to coordinate his and Oliver's schedule better.  Since there are certain things that happen only on certain days, an Excel sheet is really helpful.  In addition, I've posted a copy on our hospital door.  We often have certain nurses asking "where is Bennett" and "have you done his Vest yet?"  So, this is a great way to be able help everybody know what Bennett is up to when.

This is the "Dallas Child" magazine I found with pages of lists of things to do while we are in Dallas.  I've started marking things I think Oliver would love to do outside of these hospital walls.  And I am coordinating a master list for us to use as we think creatively how to provide him fun stimulating activities while not being too far from Bennett.

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