18 May 2011

Hospital Room Pictures

This is a picture of one of the two boring bulletin boards on the boring walls in our room.

The hospital prefers that all cards, posters, etc. be kept on the bulletin boards.  So, I got creative.  Here is a picture of my cheap option for brightening up the room: covering the bulletin boards with wrapping paper. 

After seeing poor Brian have to scrunch up on the floor to keep from being on the hard cold floor to play with the boys, we decided to invest in a new carpet.

This one is not only bigger but serves as a play mat for the boys cars.

Here is my vanity area in the hospital room.  (Sorry for the clutter, this room is SO small for as much as we have in here.)
Here is where we keep our clothes.  Bennett's clothes fit perfectly.

We use the small bottom drawers to keep Bennett's books and toys.
This is my side of the room.

This is Bennett's side of the room.

Bennett waits for me to get ready in the morning so I keep him in his crib.  Besides, he's being g-tube fed (see the tube going into his crib?) so it's best he's captured in the crib.  There is a TV right off to the left of the picture which he is enjoying.

Bennett shows me his car.  The nurses repeatedly ask me if I want to put a "hood" on his crib.  A "hood" is this huge brown "top" on the crib.  It would prevent him from falling out.  But it's huge and brown and kinda scary looking.  I know that if it freaks me out, it would freak him out.  So, I keep telling them "no."  They are worried he's going to fall out.  However, I wonder what they'd say if they saw our crib at home.  He's much more likely to fall out there.  Maybe they are scared of him falling on the hard floor?  Either way, we never leave him alone in the crib and he can't easily get out, even if he wanted.  Nonetheless, I think this baby-cage works just fine.

Douglas, Bennett's dog, is never far away from him.

A view from the door: This is our complete room (including a quilt from home).  The more I bring from home, the more comfy it feels.

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  1. Yes, it does look comfy! It's the most comfy "hospital room" I've ever seen! You make everything look so cute!!

    Mrs. Looks-Like-A-Model Interior Decorator of Hospitals.


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