11 May 2011

Good Gifts and Pinwheels a'Plenty

I am very sorry to all those who enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby in Waco.  Unfortunately, there is no longer any blue or yellow pinwheels in the 50% off Summer aisle.  I bought them...all.  And when I say "all," I may or may not mean "all 50 of them I could find in the store."  But, hey, it was for a good cause.

This year is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's first year with their new "Blow Away Cystic Fibrosis" theme and logo.  So, Amy McMichael, our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation coordinator, and I surmised that the outdoor 5K would be better if it was decorated with pinwheels of all sizes.  So, let it be said, let it be done.  We're gonna have ourselves some pinwheels!

I have really enjoyed helping to plan this year's CF Walk.  It's healing to me.  When others offer to help out with our walk, volunteer or provide their services, and when our friends decide to come out and support us, it gives me the feeling that our little family is not in this all alone in our effort to help Bennett and the others in Waco with CF.

An example of this was at Fedex Kinkos the other day.  I had emailed our local Kinkos to request copies of Bennett's flyer communicating information about his walk.  I was planning to pick them up on Monday afternoon.  Before I walked out of the door, I received an email back from our local Kinkos store where the woman who had printed up my flyers had written, "Just wanted you to know that your order is ready for pickup!  I am throwing in a few extra copies in for you!  Good Luck and I hope a lot of money is raised! :) "  Then, when I went to pick up my original 50 copies, I found this person had "thrown in" (for free) four times the number of copies I had originally ordered. What a wonderful surprise from someone who just wanted to help in whatever small way she could.

I've seen this over and over again.  One by one, local businesses have agreed to help us.  We have so many items provided for us to use to raise money that we're expecting to have ten Silent Auction baskets in order that people may bid to win on the day of the walk.   Inside the baskets will be items like a backstage pass at our local Zoo and free admittance for up to 8 people, one free night in the Jacuzzi suite at our local Hampton Inn, a 30 minute massage at a local Waco spa, a free manicure, candles, two iTunes gift cards, etc.  I am still in awe of what God has done with just sending good things our way.

Another story I can share about surprises is our effort to arrange a DJ.  I called last week to see if I could find someone to DJ our walk.  A walk like this needs music blasting and someone announcing facts about CF and why we are all here.  I couldn't find one for the life of me...until I ran across an ad.  I emailed the DJ and asked if he would be interested.  He didn't respond.  I called him and left a message.  No message was returned.  I began calling other DJs in the phone book and on the web.  I spoke to one guy.  He couldn't do it due to a wedding.  But, ironically, he highly recommended the first DJ I had called.  I went on to call another DJ in town.  He also couldn't do it due to a wedding.  But, ironically, he recommended the first DJ I called.  I was a bit disappointed.  How did I expect to get a DJ only weeks before our Saturday event when I was competing with weddings which had be set a year or more in advance?  So, I called back the first DJ and asked once more - explaining how I kept being sent back to him through ads and referrals.  And wouldn't you know, he emailed me out of the blue and said, "count on me.  I'll do it."  Turns out he had been busy.  And maybe he just needed some more arm twisting.  Nonetheless, we do have a DJ - and a highly recommended DJ at that!

So, from the pinwheels to the Silent Auction gifts to the flyers to the DJ, God has been blessing this CF Walk.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of something in which, it just seems, good things are happening.  And since "every good and perfect gift is from above" (James 1:17), I will thank God for good blessings, the little ones and the big ones.

It's nice to focus on something else, other than the Feeding Clinic right now.  I look forward to watching all of our hard work come together for our Waco Walk on May 21.  Big or little, rain or shine, I know it's going to be a good day.

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