02 May 2011

Easter Bunny

It's taken a bit but I have one more Easter post to add...The Easter Bunny arrived at our house on last Sunday morning.  The boys were delighted!

Bennett's basket was full of a new sippy cup, a new book, fishy crackers. a chocolate bunny (which he so kindly shared with Mom and Dad!) and a toy car.

Oliver was delighted to find a new sippy cup, fishy crackers, a few books, a bug viewer and a chocolate bunny.

Bennett most loved the toy cars in his basket.   The boys' baskets would not be complete without a toy car (despite that the Easter Bunny is well aware we have far more cars than we should).

This year was particularly fun to watch the boys find their Easter baskets.  They are both getting older and beginning to enjoy these traditions.  Experiencing their enjoyment over a morning surprise is one of the most enjoyable moments of being a parent.  We hope that one day, we will be able to help them relate the surprise of Easter baskets on Sunday morning with the surprise of Christ's resurrection.  What fun Easter is for our whole family!

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