04 May 2011

Dallas "Vaca"

I feel a bit like the character in the story about a little boy who wants to run away.  Angry at his parents for not allowing him to do what he wanted, he begins packing to run away.  He begins with his favorite teddy bear, an extra set of clothes and his pillow.  After thinking about it, however, he realizes if he's really going to be happy away from home, he should definitely pack his best friend, his family dog, his pajamas and his favorite bedtime book.  Then, after some more thinking, he realizes his pajamas won't be as comfortable if he isn't in his own bed, so he brings that too.  But what's a bed good for unless you have a mother to tuck you in?  So, he packs his mother too.  And then, feeling badly that he wouldn't be able to get his nightly kisses from his father, he throws him in there, as well.  Eventually, it's evident that he's not actually running away but bringing everything with him.  So, he concludes maybe he should just stay home afterall.

I feel a bit like that little boy with regard to moving to Dallas for a month.  There are alot of comforts from home I'd like to bring with us to Dallas.  And I'm having to rethink what it means to move into the hospital and Ronald McDonald house for a month.

The best way for me to think about it is to consider it is like a "vacation" - a place where I can find things are new and exciting, rather than missing the comforts of home.

One of the things I learned in college was not to live out of a suitcase, both in real life and figuratively.  When living out of a suitcase, we live temporarily, subconsciously not making friends or really living into the place where we are.

If I'm honest with myself, I don't want to go to the Feeding Clinic, even despite the many pep talks I've given myself.  But when I focus on it being a family retreat or "vacation" with many exciting things to see and experience, I can get more excited about the idea.

I feel like everything is easier when our perspective can change, when we can see the glass half full, when we can realize that this moment, the very moment we are in, is sacred.

I know this one guy, who when I call him and say, "Hi, how are you?," he replies, "having the best day of my life!"  Every.single.time.  I imagine even if I'm calling him in the middle of a crisis, he'd answer the same way.  For he believes that every day is a gift and therefore should be his best day.  I don't know if I have it within me to claim every day is the best day of my life.  But I do appreciate his disciplined attitude.  Saying something often comes before believing something.  And this is how he begins believing every day is valuable.

On that note, I'm looking forward to our "vacation" in Dallas!  I'll get a free hospital meal daily.  I'll have a nurse to take care of my little guys' every need.  We're planning to stay in hotel Ronald McDonald and are going to enjoy family from Missouri who are coming for a visit.  We've got plans for the zoo, the Children's Theatre, the movies and the well as a Feeding Behavior Plan like no other!  And the best thing of all, when we get home from the hospital, our little guy should be able to eat 70% of his calories through solid foods!  This ain't no lousy Caribbean Cruise, people!  This is first class! :)

No, seriously, this is going to be good.  It's an opportunity of a lifetime.  I am thankful for the opportunity.  We're gonna make the best of it, hospital admission and all.


  1. There is NO PRESSURE to see me while you're in Dallas, but if you need ANYTHING, give me a call#214-783-4316. Love you friend!

  2. The outcome seems like a great reason too to want to take this on. Thinking of you and Bennett and hoping this experience changes all of you for the better!

  3. I felt the same way when we were headed to the clinic last year. It's just so hard to give up that much time, to be separated, etc. I love your attitude though and think you're right that all you can do is make lemonade! With Munchkin's hospitalizations I tried to remember that I didn't have to cook, that I got to watch all the TLC I wanted (we don't have cable at home) and catch up on some reading too. For a mom that really is almost a vacation!

    Hoping to get to meet you while you're here (if it works out - please don't feel any pressure!) and if you need ANYTHING we're only about 25 min away from the clinic and it would be no problem to drop by and bring you something.


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